Three arrested on campus, five suspended

Posted on 11 April 2012 by admin

Three people arrested, five students suspended after fight between Communications South and Business Administration. 

Kavahn Mansouri

Story Update: April 18th 10:00 p.m.: STLCC Director of Communications DeLancey Smith has confirmed that the five students are suspended for one year, rather than expelled.

Story Update – April 12th 4:05 p.m.: St. Louis Community College has expelled the five students involved in the incident on the Meramec campus that took place Monday, April 9, according to a press release issued by STLCC Director of Communications DeLancey Smith.

Original Story:

On Monday, April 9, three people were arrested and released on STLCC-Meramec’s campus after five individuals –four females and one male– were involved in a disturbance during passing period.

Campus police responded at 1:50 p.m. to the disturbance which took place between the Business Administration and Communications South buildings.

According to Campus Police Chief Paul Banta, five police officers responded to the fight in progress.

Assistant Professor Sandy Brady said she contacted campus police after she encountered the conflict at the scene.

“There were a number of us who were hearing it and seeing it and rushed out to try to handle the situation,” Brady said. “I spent most of the time trying to get the gathering crowd away from the area.”

Brady said there was a combined response to the incident from faculty and police. She said she was concerned about the crowd that gathered around the disturbance to take video and pictures.

“People were being violent, screaming and punching,” Brady said. “It’s a tremendous problem to have that on campus.”

Banta said campus police will increase visibility to prevent fights in the future.

“You can’t be everywhere at one time, but we will certainly increase the patrol in the areas that students congregate,” Banta said. “

Kirkwood County Municipal Court will pursue charges. Banta said the individuals may face disciplinary action according to the student disciplinary code.

Brady said that she was shocked to see a majority of the bystanders do nothing to diffuse the situation.

“It was dangerous. I thought it could have escalated to something really tragic,” Brady said. “You never know what people will bring onto campus with them; I think we were very lucky that it didn’t escalate to something very tragic.”


Check our April 19 issue for more updates. Footage of the disturbance was initially posted on YouTube and later removed from this link.

Another version of bystander footage is available here:

*This video is not produced by The Montage Student Newspaper.

  • Guest

    A link to a Youtube video of the fight, posted a bystander: 

  • Guest

    Looks to me like more than three people were involved in the fighting. Wonder why only three were arrested?

  • Cassie Thompson

    Brady says she was shocked to see a majority of the bystanders do nothing to diffuse the situation….Seriously? Would Brady jump into a pit of brawling gorillas? Geeeeezus H!

    • Mikey T Baby.

      Gorillas? Let me find you in person…

      • Oink

        Typical black person pulling the race card out threatening violence than a civilized talk. Why not talk to this person and find out why she/he calls those particular individual “gorillas”. Maybe it is because they are acting like it and not because of the color of their skin. 

      • TheDevil

        ^ prime example of the uneducated people on campus that lack the necessary mental capacity to understand a METAPHOR!!!!

  • STLCC ’11 Graduate

    All of those children should be in the state’s custody.  They need to quite complaining that their children were there and get them away and out of danger as soon as possible.

  • killumanti

    Each race has it’s own trash. I respect blacks, Hispanics and all cultures, but then there are the hoodlums who continue to ruin and decay society as a whole. Each race calls these pieces of sh!t something different.

    This incident just happen to involve the black trash. Those who cannot control their anger, or emotions. Those who are to dumb enough to settle their differences with words rather than fist.

    One had a child, who instead of walking away, decided to drop the said child and join in the fight, then turn around and blame others for her actions.

    • killumanti

       with fist rather than words*  

      my bad.

  • Sandy Brady

    To clarify: My comment to the reporter was that I was shocked and dismayed to see the large group of bystanders and students grow as this incident continued, and that their presence did nothing to diffuse the situation.  Incidents like these are not “spectator sports” – so many who stood gawking, laughing, etc.,  added to the problem by putting themselves in the position of possibly becoming potential victims – and increased the chances that the incident could escalate. Their growing presence made it more difficult to isolate and contain the confrontations. My comment about attempts “to diffuse” the situation means leaving the area and notifying campus police immediately. And yes…jumping into the middle of a brawl is not something I advocate; however, I do commend the faculty and staff who attempted to address the situation until campus police arrived.

    • Concerned

      Could you please comment on why only five students were disciplined? What about the other ten that were engaged in fighting?

  • Angry

    Seriously, a woman put her baby at risk to join in the fight, and the people fighting had no regard for her or her baby. Then she puts the poor little baby down and joins in on the fight herself leaving her baby crying and upset and alone till someone has to tend to her child.  She doesn’t deserve to have a baby, She put this child in danger, what kind of mother does that.  That was the saddest thing about this whole entire brawl.  Then she wonders where her baby is when she finally stops fighting, she is lucky someone did not snatch up her baby and take off with her.  Probably would have been in better hands.This makes me sick to think of that poor little baby crying cause her mother left her alone and was getting beat up by someone.  How sad is that.

    • NewStudent

      School officials should have contacted CPS. This ‘woman’ should have had her child taken away and faced jail time for child endangerment. 

  • Collin

    First, let’s not evoke race. It doesn’t matter what the intentions are, Oink (by the way, a terrific moniker if you want to be taken seriously) phrases like “typical black person” and “black trash” make you sound like a buck-toothed, barefoot, hillbilly racist. Second, we can all make the judgements we want, but unless you were there and you intervened, you aren’t in a position to comment on what someone should or should not have done. As it turns out, it is one of those “cast the first stone,” situations. So, let’s not pass judgement on those involved unless we were there, we acted better, or we have set of indisputable facts to the contrary, ok?

    Third, it is a fight. Fights happen. Try not to work yourselves into a foaming-mouth frenzy over it. These things happen and there isn’t much you can do about save prepare yourself to act differently if ever put in the same scenario. 

    Lastly, the video has been removed up and down from YouTube. Perhaps we should be wondering who is removing them and why. I’d expect the administration doesn’t want such videos floating around on the web to give their institution a bad name. Do we have no opinions on this action? Do we have no strong feelings about the obvious attempt to censor the events? Food for thought. 

    • Marina

      When I went back to YouTube to view it, it had said it was removed because it violated YouTube’s rules.  To me, that sounded like the people at YouTube removed it…though they may have done so at the request of someone.

    • Grossedout

      I am not from Missouri. I saw this story on a NATIONAL news outlet. Through a quick search I found the video here…

    • Jaketravis78

      I love how people like Collin talk of bigotry, and then call someone a buck-toothed, barefoot, hillbilly racist. What a hypocrite. 

  • BOO


  • Jaquita

    This was quality entertainment! Why’s everyone so uptight?!

  • steven

    ah st louis a

  • steven

    ah st louis at its finest. 314 stand up!

  • Babybre23

    I’m not surprised, nor amazed by this nonsense. We live in a crazy world that just seems to get even more insane with each day that passes. It’s sad that the child had to get caught in the middle of this crap but thank goodness a bystander had enuf sense to get the child out the away. Y is it that stories are saying 1 male and 4 females were involved? Am I the only one who clearly saw 6 girls???

    • Laryboy

      Thank you!

  • Marina

    Since the case of this is pending, I’m sure there are some limits as to what you can report in the story, but is there any speculation on what caused the fight in the first place?  I keep hearing about the fight, but not why they were fighting.  I find it really sad.  Especially so close to the end of the semester! 

  • Whiterabbit_08

    Maybe if the cops weren’t so busy enforcing a smoking ban…the only time I ever see a cop is when they are patrolling the parking lot, or when they are busting kids for smoking.

  • NewStudent

    Let me first say that I am appalled that only five students were expelled and only three arrested. Everyone who engaged in the physical altercation should have faced repercussions. I am, gladly, surprised that no one ended up pulling out a gun because things could have ended a lot worse. 
    I am a Black student that is slated to begin classes here this summer. I am now considering changing schools. I have read on the comment sections of at least three other articles that this area [between Communications South and Business Administration] is constantly filled with students verbally and physically assaulting each other. One person even claimed that these hooligans spend their time DARING STUDENTS TO WALK BY. If they want to fight and kill each other, they deserve what is coming to them. What I am concerned about is MY safety.
    ********Will someone PLEASE tell me if there is any truth to this?******** 
    Is this common on campus? Also, what is being done to protect students from these altercations. 

    • Larryboy

      I go to school here, walking to and fro and I know not what you talk of. I have no concerne for my safety in the manner you are talking about when I’m at the school.

    • TheProducer

       I think you’ll be alright… It’s just Meramec.

  • Supageek

    Does anyone know why they were fighting?

    • Laryboy

      No, thats what I’m trying to find out.

  • Tractorboy

    Apparently, the altercation was over whether God is consubstantial with Jesus. Or something.

    • Laryboy

      That don’t sound right.

  • TheProducer

     I know, that I know, that there were more people involved in this altercation than 5! I think the results of the “what” were ok, but to me the “why” was not researched well, and doesn’t quench my curiosity.

    I know a lot of students and the Kirkwood community aren’t used to fights or “brawls,” happening at Meramec, but there’s a lot of dirt that happens on many College and University campuses, including the top ones in Metropolitan St. Louis. Lets face it, life wasn’t meant for us to live in a complete serene utopia, with wellsprings of wine never ending. 

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