A Freshman’s Perspective: My First Semester

Posted on 06 February 2013 by admin

Ashley talks about her experience as a freshman at STLCC-Meramec

By: Ashley Higginbotham
-Asst. News Editor-


The transformation from high school to college was no joke. I actually have to study … and read. I actually have to attend classes. I learned the hard way last semester. But, I put about 20 percent of the blame on myself and the rest on my high school.

I will admit, I may have missed a few classes and did not put forward 100 percent. The lessons I have learned are important enough that I will never do them again though.  I learned to never take a class earlier than 10 a.m. because it is physically impossible for me to get up. The other thing I learned is to not only attend classes, but also actually pay attention. I do take notes, but I feel like they are not effective notes; that I blame my high school.

I cannot remember learning how to effectively take notes in middle and high school. I just thought it was to scribble down random things that the teacher spit out. I think that is unfair because I talk to my friends from other high schools and they all remember learning how. When I was not doing well in my classes, only one of the teachers asked me if I needed any help.

Overall, I have had to take the initiative to get help with my note taking, and I have learned a lot. I just wished I knew the secrets of note taking so I would not be wasting my time this semester retaking a class. I am also attending all of my classes, which helps a lot. Even tough this is community college and I go home at the end of the day, it is still a big step to climb.


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