Students take a stab at fencing

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Fencing club reviews rules of the sport


By: ALEX WHITEfencing
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STLCC has a variety of clubs on campus for students to join, such as the engineering, photography or sky club. One club that has not gained as much attention is the Fencing Club.

The Fencing Club typically has fewer than 15 members attending meetings, yet the small number does leave more time for students to get one-on-one attention.

“I watched fencing in the Olympics and it looked like a lot of fun,” club member Brittany Walker said.

The club meets on the first and third Thursdays of every month afrom 6-8 p.m. and is hosted in the Meramec gymnasium. The club consists mostly of students who are in the fencing classes, but it is also open to anyone who wants to take a stab at it.

Members who are taking a fencing class at STLCC can use this time to practice for class time.

Some students also join to learn something new. “I joined to have a new hobby,” said Walker. “I’m really glad I joined; it is a lot of fun.”

The club is hosted by Fencing I and II instructor William McDevitt, as well as former STLCC students. The club reviews safety and rules of the sport as well as technique and different types of swords used in fencing. Members of the club often start with a type of sword called a foil and then when they are comfortable they can move into either using either an epee or sabre sword.

The club is run for the students by the students. McDevitt is always close by but the fencing club is mainly for students to explore the ins and outs of fencing, versus formal instruction. Members can learn from veteran fencers, better their skills and get a stronger understanding of fencing in general.


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