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Interest in PE class keeps on rolling


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STLCC-Meramec offers a bowling course for students to earn a credit in physical education. Bowling Instructor Tony Dattoli teaches a class of 24 students as they learn the techniques and terminology of the sport.bowling

“It is just one of our physical activity courses that allow people to do something of interest. Students get graded on a series of games they bowl, working with manual scoring, vocabulary familiarity and the phrases and terms involved with bowling,” Dattoli said.

Meramec Student Joe Hamilton said he chose to enroll in this class because he has always been interested in bowling and saw it as a fun activity.

“It is very fun. I bowl two games each day since the class has started. My interest in bowling has increased big time,” Hamilton said.

Dattoli said he believes each STLCC Campus offers this course, not just Meramec.

“In years past, we have had similar classes at the three other campuses [Wildwood, Forest Park, Florissant Valley]. I know the Wildwood Campus used to have their gatherings at West County Lanes,” Dattoli said.

According to Hamilton, he is going to continue to bowl even when the semester is over.

“Just because the class is almost done, that does not mean that bowling gets kicked to the side. I will continue to bowl a lot more because I love to bowl,” Hamilton said.

Dattoli said his favorite thing about the bowling course is seeing the students come together and have fun, doing something they are interested in.

“I love seeing the excitement on their [students] faces when they bowl a strike, convert a tough spare, and I also like seeing the comradery and the interaction between them,” Dattoli said.

Dattoli said the class has a laid back atmosphere.

“You are not necessarily being assessed or judged on your ability, you are just being assessed and judged on your participation. We want students to be there, enjoying the game and learning how to get better at it,” Dattoli said.

Hamilton agreed and said it is not about the competition or how many games he wins.

“Just remembering how bad I was at the beginning of the semester, my main focus of the class is just learning how to improve. I have improved my game, drastically, since the semester started when I was bowling 86. Now, I am bowling 115 consistently,” Hamilton said.

Dattoli said several of his students get together, outside of class, to bowl on their own time.

“Several of my students go to Du Bowl, because they have a special on Thursday nights when games are just $1. They [students] will organize their own social gatherings on Thursday nights,” Dattoli said.

Hamilton said he is one of those students who participates in the Thursday gatherings at Du Bowl Lanes.

“I like going to the bowling alley every day because I know I am constantly improving my game. Also, I like hanging out with the guys and just having a fun time,” Hamilton said.

Dattoli said the main focus of the course is for the students to know the roles and terms of the game of bowling.

“The focus is not to become pro-bowlers. The purpose is to educate them [students] on the game of bowling and give them the opportunity to earn their P.E credit. Also, another focus is for them to learn the techniques so they can be successful,” Dattoli said.


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