Re-instated volleyball team focuses on defensive settings

Posted on 28 September 2016 by admin

Coach reflects on strategy


By: Ashley Biundo
Photo Editor


With a record of three wins and 14 losses, Coach Geoff Davis said the re-instated STLCC volleyball team is a work in progress.

“We have pretty good defensive work on our team today and we have been working at a number of different defensive settings; I think the girls did a really good job,” Davis said.Sport photo 2

Davis said he was pleased with the players’ versatility and defensive playing. “Our passing [between players] after the first game was about 2.0 out of three on average and that is pretty decent. I think we asked kids to play different roles and we had a few kids in different positions and they did very well,” he said.

The team has improved as a result, said Davis. “Each week I have seen tremendous improvement in this team,” Davis said. “We started off with six or seven players and by August we had up to 12,” he said.

Davis said the players have room for improvement, though. “It was the matter of getting those girls to play together well,” Davis said. “They are doing that really well. Our next step is to make sure we are communicating well on the court with each other because it’s like a dance and you got to know where your partners are.”

There’s more to a good team than just playing the game well, according to Davis. “I think when we come back into the gym, we work a lot on our verbal skills,” he said. “We work a lot on focusing on everybody being aware of other teammates and be responsible and I think that is what is going to help us tremendously.”



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