Q&A with Melanie Marcy

Posted on 05 December 2017 by Ian Schrauth

Archers Women’s Basketball Assistant Coach


How did you get into coaching?

I had just finished my collegiate basketball career and I did not want to let it go. Coaching was the closest thing I could do to stay in the game and make an impact. 
I wanted to help kids learn from my mistakes and successes…but hopefully earlier.

What was your most exciting game this season?

Our Arkansas State game – it went back and forth the whole game, it was intense and exciting and our girls were mentally tough and held on for an important win.

How do you prepare for a championship?

It truly starts in the pre-season. Our coaching staff has to push our team to their limit and then find a new limit and push them to that.  We also have to be their biggest support system and make sure they understand that we are pushing and motivating them for a reason, and then be there for them when they fall.  We also have to make sure they learn something from each mistake and keep moving forward.  It’s tough love, but it creates a strong bond, with trust and understanding.

What are the most important player qualities?

Accountability and Responsibility.  It is very important for young adults to take
responsibility for themselves and their tasks at hand, and work towards their success.  Accountability shows maturity and helps you become a better person and teammate when you are easier to work and connect with.

What is the team working on this season?

Just continuing to push each other in practice and keeping our goals in mind.  It is a long season, so we have to find ways to constantly stay motivated and focused.


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