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Posted on 21 April 2015 by admin

Editor in Chief Spencer Gleason looks back at some of his favorite sports moments during his time at MeramecSpencer Pic


Editor in Chief


During my time at Meramec’s Montage, I have covered some major stories that involved the Meramec and STLCC athletic departments. In no particular order, here are few on the list.

David Freese in 2011: Anything and everything the “Meramec Golden-boy” did in 2011 will forever be remembered in Meramec folklore. And he started his famous baseball journey here in the early 2000s.

The Montage always looks for the “Meramec-tie” in their stories and Freese gave us that “tie” for one greatest storybook postseasons ever told.

Albrecht’s 700th career win: Seven hundred wins means a lot of years at the helm and influencing a lot of student-athletes’ lives.

The November 2010 evening was one of the more special evenings Meramec athletics has ever seen. Randy Albrecht, who has since retired, coached the SLU Bilikens in the mid-70s, and began coaching men’s basketball at Meramec in 1977.

Next closest is STLCC women’s basketball coach Shelly Ethridge, who surpassed the 400-mark this past season. She sits at 406 career wins heading into the 2015-16 year.

STLCC Sports Consolidation: One of the darker times for Meramec and individual STLCC campus sports, it has molded what athletics at STLCC has become.

What happend in July 2011 forced jobs to be lost and students leaving to attend other colleges. The idea behind the consolidation has worked in some aspects but failed in others.

Final year of Meramec Magic basketball: The 2010-11 basketball seasons marked the final time sports would be played individually at Meramec and it’s two sister campuses.

Regardless of what the news was off the court, for the following season, both the men’s and women’s Meramec Magic basketball programs, was given an once-in-a-lifetime shot at making history and they did just that.

Busch Stadium Games & NJCAA Tournaments: For me, covering sports on the biggest stage is a dream come true.

And, these moments gave a sports fanatic amazing experiences.


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