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Posted on 16 October 2015 by admin

Meramec Water Aerobics class includes ‘waves’ of fun

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water aerobicsSaint Louis Community College – Meramec offers a Water Aerobics class to students needing to complete their two credits for Physical Education. Many students have not heard of Water Aerobics since it has different demographics in mind.

“It is marketed to an older population, traditionally,” Water Aerobics instructor Sandra Liming said.

Liming said, in the course, she helps rehabilitate those who are recovering from injuries or suffering from certain physical dilemmas, such as arthritis, with water bound exercises. This [exercises] helps them [students] stay in shape without suffering any negative setbacks, Liming said. Humans, however, were not the first ones to get this form of medical help, Liming said.

“It [water exercise] was developed to rehab horses, actually, way back when. Horses were the first ones that did water therapy. My horse use-to do water therapy,” Liming said.

Over the years, Water Aerobics has also been an effective outlet for cross-trainers who will train in water to improve their performances on land.

Traditionally, Karate Senseis will being their classes into water, Liming said.

“It puts you a little off balance if you are really proficient at a certain sport,” Liming said. “Ice skating, dancing, and a lot of people use the water to kind of, make them use their muscles in a different way, consider their balance in a different way, and definitely to control their breathing in a different way.”

Liming said most of her students are composed of older men and women. Even though some of them may feel self-conscious about wearing their bathing suits, the dress code should not be a prime concern during exercise, Liming said.

“They just have to get over the body image issue, usually. Older people, older women, older men, they do not like to put on a swimsuit,” Liming said. “The dress code is revealing, and if you are uncomfortable with your own body image, it is hard to get over that sometimes.”

While Water Aerobics was not directed for the youthful or energetic in mind, it is still worthwhile no matter how old one may be or how intensely they train, Liming said.

“You get out of it what you put into it,” Liming said. “Just because I am going at a certain pace as the instructor does not mean you have to.”


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