Free Swim: Meramec has a Pool to ‘Dive’ for

Posted on 05 December 2017 by admin

Despite lack of student awareness, pool draws ‘a healthy crowd’ during free swim hours

By: Stephen Buechter
Staff Writer


5If the average Meramec student were asked to name the features of Meramec’s athletic program, what might he say? A gym with a seating capacity of 2,000; a soccer field; a walking track; a baseball diamond. How long would it take for ‘pool’ to be added to the list? For many students, such as Adam Cubot, the answer is never.

“I didn’t even know we had a pool,” said Cubot.

According to Cubot, for many students, checking out the gym is a rare occurrence. It might never happen for those students who do not take physical education classes. Some students attend Meramec for years without knowing about the pool on campus.

“There needs to be a bigger push for…marketing [the pool],” said Cubot. “If there was…a board in the student center, or just in the newspaper. Or just posters in general.”

Despite the lack of advertising, lifeguard Andrew Sampson described those who utilize the pool during free swim hours as “a healthy crowd.”

“If there are classes before or after it’s not uncommon for students enrolled in those classes to swim before and stay afterwards,” said Sampson. “For the most part, it’s a pretty regular crowd of…alumni or continuing education people that use the pool during the open swim time.”

According to Sampson, while the pool is not underused, free swim is not particularly well known, or at least not taken advantage of by students who don’t attend swim class.

“I was [aware of free swim hours] but I never took advantage of it because I’m not much of a swimmer,” said student Dennis Allen. “Some swim teams from local high schools use the pool here, so on top of that a few of my friends have wanted to do aquatic classes.”

Sampson said that the pool allows for increased variety in possible classes Meramec can offer, such as swimming and aquacise. The camping and canoeing classes also use the pool on occasion.

Cubot said that free swim could provide physical fitness, especially for the heart and lungs, as well as an opportunity for social interaction with others “hanging out” at the pool.

According to Sampson, currently there are very few spaces for lifeguarding jobs for the next semester, but when they do open, they are available to students of the school.

“We’re all college students, we’re all broke,” said Cubot. “I’m sure there are people who could use a job and wouldn’t mind hanging out as a lifeguard.”

The pool is open for free lap swim on Monday through Thursday from 8 to 8:50 a.m. and 12 to 12:50 p.m. and Friday from 12 to 12:50 p.m.

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