For the Love of the Game: Archers’ Mothership drops the ball

Posted on 02 October 2013 by admin

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– Editor-in-Chief –

Now in their third year, STLCC Archer athletics have survived the freshman and sophomore years. Although, they are still a young name in junior college athletics, throughout the country, the individual teams that represent STLCC have continued what previous STLCC-Meramec, STLCC-Forest Park and STLCC-Florissant Valley teams did before — win.

Since the consolidation of athletics in July 2011, however, the administration that oversees the STLCC Archers has not acknowledged the athletes over the course of their two previous years. Only twice has STLCC athletics dedicated an evening to the athletes or coaches.

What used to be commonplace during halftime at Meramec Magic basketball games, in allowing the athletes and coaches of all sports to be shown appreciation for their achievements on and off the field, has now become a rarity.

In December 2011, they combined all of the fall athletics into one celebration. There was no separate “Thank you” or “Congratulations” for each team to feel appreciated. Six women’s soccer players, two men’s soccer players and three women’s volleyball players made the trek to Florissant Valley to be patted on the back.

If STLCC Archer administration shows little value in each specific athlete, why should they waste the gas money to travel the nearly 30 minute drive away from Meramec? It is a poor choice if STLCC was looking to have it at a centralized location — especially in the dead of winter.

Following this first — and only — time STLCC put forth any effort in thanking athletes for their contributions on and off the field, STLCC has yet to acknowledge any winter or spring sports for either the 2011 or 2012 seasons and fall sports in 2012. And if they have, student media was never notified.

In February 2012, just a few months after the fall athletics appreciation evening, college officials recognized the contributions of former players, coaches and athletic staff that played roles in the success of the basketball programs over the years throughout STLCC with the “Navy and Silver Spirit Game” — an ironic title because none of the honorees wore the team colors of navy blue and silver during their time at STLCC. Meramec’s team colors were green and gold. Forest Park colors were red and black and Florissant Valley colors were blue and white.

Team accomplishments that have been missed include the 2011-12 and 2012-13 Lady Archer basketball teams appearing in the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) Tournament. Both won the Region XVI Title; the 2011- 12 men’s basketball team appearing in the NJCAA Tournament, also winning the Region XVI Title. The 2012 Lady Archers soccer team won the Regions XVI Tournament, making a bid for a National Title, as well.

Head coach of STLCC baseball Tony Dattoli has had his team play at Busch Stadium in both 2011, 2012 and again on Sept. 8. Whereas some administration members would show their support when it was the Meramec Magic, the STLCC Archer administration has yet to support Archer baseball on the big stage.

The powers that be are clearly dropping the ball. If the athletes hold up their end of the bargain, when they sign on the dotted line, then the STLCC Archer administration needs to show a little bit more appreciation.


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