Fitness Center class gives students flexibility in their exercise

Posted on 22 February 2017 by admin

Students say variety of equipment helps students reach their goals



By: Lexie Keller
Staff Writer


The Fitness Center is where students can go to work out, but in order to access the Fitness Center, they first have to register for the class (PE 130 or PE 131).

Photo taken by Lexie Keller

Photo taken by Lexie Keller

The Fitness Center class is a physical education class students can take that gives them knowledge about the equipment in the fitness center and how to also improve their workouts. But out of all the physical education classes students can take here at Meramec, instructor Angel Fingers says it is the most flexible course schedule students can take and it allows them to work on their goals within the class time.

According to Fingers a few of the benefits of taking the fitness course is how convenient the Fitness Center is and how a student is allowed the freedom to work on whatever they need to get done.

“My favorite benefit is basic wellness overall, but that wellness leads to the student being much healthier throughout the semester,” Fingers said. “Like for instance students who workout tend to fight off colds and flus better than some of my other students that don’t workout.”

She also mentioned the fact that she likes how students are able to get a lot done within the 50 minute class period. She recommends the class due to the flexibility of the schedule.

Matt H. likes the fitness center because it has a lot of different and varied equipment that the students can use to work on different parts of the body everyday. He highly recommends the class to other students because of the freedom to workout anytime they need to, and also because the staff is very well educated—they can help students with goals they want to reach and even make connections if students need to see anyone else.

Alex Nelson likes the fitness center because it is very convenient to him and also likes the variety and equipment. He recommends the class to students because if they don’t know what they’re are doing as far as working out, he believes that this course would be a good place to start.


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