Defense made gold in a tough loss

Posted on 26 October 2016 by Ian Schrauth

Archers lose, but remain hopeful for looming postseason


By: DJ McGuire
Sports Editor


The Archers Women’s Soccer team lost against Metropolitan Community College-Blue River this past Saturday, by a score of 3-0.

With Saturday’s loss, the team now has a 5-5-3 record overall with a 2-3 record at home this season.

This loss was a tough pill to swallow for the Archers as they played a good defensive game all-around.

The main reason for the team’s loss in Saturday’s game was the offense, or lack thereof.

The Archers started with the ball, but don’t do much with it — MCC had multiple great scoring chances early in the game.archers

Due to their strength in defense the Archers managed to stop all these opportunities.

Head Coach Jason Howard said defense is the team’s best trait.

“Our defense has carried us this year, I definitely think that is our strength this year,” Howard said.

“It has kept us in a lot of games.” As the game progressed the defense stayed strong for both teams.

Each team had several opportunities to score, but the defense and goalkeepers positioned themselves properly to make key stops.

It wasn’t until the very end of the first half that someone broke the stalemate.

MCC had several chances near the end and capitalized on some phenomenal passing to score with 32 seconds left in the half.

The goal was scored by number nine; Sam Berg of Blue River.

At the half the score was 1-0 Blue River.

At the beginning of the second half the Archers seemed to be more energized and played with much more intensity.

This led to more scoring chances, but some bad passing doomed these chances.

MCC managed to prevent any goals by the Archers early in the second half and eventually settled in and kept possession of the ball for nearly the rest of the game.

Then with about 15 minutes to go number 22, Cali Fournier of Blue River, managed to get a breakaway and scored.

2-0 Blue River.

It was easy to tell this goal was the backbreaker for the Archers, and they never regained momentum after that goal.

Later Fournier scored again, as she managed to get a breakaway and had an easy shot to score again.

3-0 Blue River.

Her breakaway seemed to happen flawlessly with little effort from the defense.

Sophomore defender Jessica Nast said stopping these breakaways takes effort.

“You have to be tight on your marks, and be goal side of her,” Nast said.

The game continued and MCC dominated the rest of the way through.

The final score was a shutout by MCC 3-0.

It was very demoralizing loss, as the Archers played a great game defensively, except for the two easy breakaway goals.

The offense simply did not create enough good chances to score.

With the postseason coming up, Coach Howard said he hopes this game will be a stepping stone for the team.

“You better bring it for the postseason, otherwise you will be one and done pretty quick,” Howard said.

Sophomore goalkeeper Amanda Hughes said the team will definitely have to work hard.

“We’ll just see how it goes; if we put in the effort, we should be fine,” said Hughes.

The Archers’ final two games were on Tuesday, Oct.

18 and Thursday, Oct. 20.

The postseason begins on Friday, Oct. 28.



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