Attention Archer Fans: where was the support?

Posted on 18 November 2015 by admin

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The lack of support from Archer Fans at Tuesday night’s Lady Archer’s opening game was more disappointing than the actual loss. Lady Archers did not win the game, falling 64-61 to Lindenwood University–Belleville after leading 28-20 at halftime.

It is understandable that there is a little bit of an inconvenience for Meramec students because the games take place at the Forest Park campus.

The Forest Park campus is not that close, and it takes a while to get there from the Meramec campus. For some, that is a problem because they might not know where the campus is or they might not have the time.

With that said however, the amount of Archer fans in attendance was alarming. Since this was the first home game of the 2015-16 regular season, a bigger turnout was expected from the STLCC faithful. That was not the case as they were outnumbered by Lindenwood fans.

Credit goes to the Lindenwood fans for supporting their team and travelling with them to root them onto victory, but where was that from our end? The way I see it, this game was too important to have that little of a turnout from Archer fans.

It could be more understandable if the Lady Archers were not good, but this is an outstanding team led by one of the best head coaches around.

More support can equate to more production; that does not mean the team will only do good if there are a lot of fans in the arena, but to have that support and to know it is there can help in more ways than one.

To have the crowd on your side, chanting and cheering, can really result in a positive reaction from the players.

That is what the Lady Archers needed at their home opener. They needed that support from the fans, to really kick off the season with a bang. Instead, there was a severe lack in that sense and made the situation worse than it already was.

It was tough enough that the game was a loss, but not having that support during one of the biggest games of the season just appears to be the unfortunate icing on top of the cake.

The turnout was disappointing. There should have been more fans in the stands during this game. Who knows, maybe that little boost in support could have resulted in a victory. However, the next home game better result in a much bigger turnout from Archer fans. Archer fans, where is your support?


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