Archers ride ferocious slam to a victory

Posted on 02 February 2017 by admin

STLCC Archers defeat WashU Bears 75-53


By: Ian Schrauth
Online Editor


On Tuesday, Nov. 31, the St. Louis Community College Archers men’s basketball team defeated the Washington University Bears 75–53.
“I thought we played good defense, and we ran the floor real well,”  head coach Terry Collins said.

Photo by: Ashley Biundo

Photo by: Ashley Biundo

According to Collins, the season is at a pivotal point, and will continue to be throughout February to some measure.
“We are 13-8, and we have a stretch of real touch games coming up,” Collins said.
According to Collins, the atmosphere was a little stale in the gym.

“In other games, when we are playing other community colleges, they bring the crowd,” Collins said. “… There’s a little more energy in the gym. But sometimes when you play someone like WashU—their players are all over the country, so the atmosphere can be a little flat. And so, I needed to keep them playing hard for the whole 40 minutes.” Collins said.
The Archers scored within the first minute of the game. At halftime, the Archers were in the lead of a score of 38 – 28. There was a 13 point lead at time out.
With 10 minutes left in the game, the score showed 60-37, Archers. The Archers maintained and built the lead for the last 10 minutes. The Bears had a small late push to try and win the game, but the Archers ended up winning, 75-53.

DaVante Harrell, number 23 sophomore forward, scored 17 points and had 13 rebounds, as well as a slam dunk.

“I saw my boy Todd [Simms] coming on the lane.” Harrell said. “Before he took off, I know he was going to throw it to me… I thought about what he told me in practice, ‘make sure you finish what you start.’”

Number 2 sophomore guard Sean Rigmaiden scored 17 points and had three assists and three rebounds. He also made a lot of good shots according to Collins.

“Number 2 [Rigmaiden] took a lot of good shots,” Collins said. “He was 8/10.”

Harrell said the team did well as far as rebounds, but needed to improve on their free throws. He said the season is going well and that they won their last two games.
“We quickly defend well,” Harrell said.

Collins said the Archers performed well in other ways.
“I thought we played good defense. And we ran the floor real well and got several fast break baskets,” Collins said. “But we gave up a lot of offensive rebounds to WASHU, that was definitely the down point.”


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