Archers compete in doubleheader March 19

Posted on 28 March 2017 by Ian Schrauth

Archers lose to Cottey College Comets 0-5


By: Stephen Buechter
Staff Writer


The STLCC Lady Archers softball team lost their second game on March 19 to the Cottey College Comets. This loss came after a victory against the opposing team previously that day. Neither team made any runs in the first two innings, though each team had a hit.

SoftballThe Comets scored three times in the third inning. Elizabeth Milligan scored the first point on a sacrifice fly, and the last two were caused by a single by Breanna Kelley into the left field. The Archers appeared to be poised to make a comeback next inning, putting runners on to first and second base, but after a fly out the opposing team made a double play to close the inning.

In the fourth inning, both of Cottey College’s first two runners walked. Their next hit put a runner on third, but was a ground out, and was followed by a strikeout and a ground out. Kyla Blankenship of the Archers singled to right field and ran to third on the following hit by Liz Miller, who advanced to first. However, the next two hits were outs.

In the fifth inning, Cottey College player Hannah Bridges began the inning with a single. However, their next batter batted an out. While that was followed by a single by Kelly, the next hit led into a double play. The Archers hit a fly out, then a ground out, followed by a fly out to end the inning.

In the sixth inning, Patri Eckert from the Comets started off the inning with a single, followed by a stolen base. Cottey College’s next batter, Delia Lynch, got out at first, but Eckert advanced to third and scored on the next hit. Two of the team’s next hits were outs, while one allowed a batter to advance to second, but the top of the inning ended. The Archers began the inning with a grounded out, followed by a line out, but followed up with two singles. However, a line out was hit, ending the inning. Both teams hit three outs in the seventh inning, ending the game.

“There were a few errors, but I think we came together as a team the best we could, but it still just wasn’t good enough those last couple games,” freshman Archers player Markie McDonald said. She said some of the team’s errors were in fielding and on rare occasions missing bunt signs, among other small errors. However, she said that the team has been doing well overall, especially on defense. She said that the team’s main strength lies in its defensive play.

The team’s head coach, Kristi Swiderski, shared similar thoughts. She did say that one of the issues Meramec faced against Cottey College was a very strong defense, and while the Archers also had a strong defense, some of the errors they made snowballed into other errors. Like McDonald, she believes the team is currently doing well, and can continue to do so this season.


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