Archers baseball plays at Busch Stadium

Posted on 26 September 2017 by admin

Players shared the diamond with the Cardinals, Cincinnati Reds


By: Will Murry
Staff Writer


Thursday Sept. 14 the Archers baseball team shared the Busch stadium diamond with the St. Louis Cardinals and the Cincinnati Reds. Family members and friends came out to see the Archers, who played a game of 6 to 1 against themselves. In order to pursue this opportunity, Archer ball players had to sell at least 600 tickets to their friends and family. This number is down from last year, where the minimum ticket count was 800.

“The players each have to sell 15-20 tickets. This year was a day game. Last year we played on a weekend so we had to sell around 800 tickets for that. This being a mid-league day game, we had to sell about 600 tickets this year,” said Archers athletic director Shawn Summe.

This fall the STLCC Archers baseball team is gearing up for the upcoming season. The team this year is very unique in comparison to years past, according to head coach Scott Goodrich. Coach Goodrich has been coaching the Archers for 16 years.

Only 12 of last year’s 38 players are returning this season. Returning Archers include second and third baseman Jeff Huser, lead hitter and outfielder Andrew Dupont, shortstop Austin DesRoche, catcher Chase Jones and pitcher

“It’s more serious this year,” said returning player Parker Cuddihee. “Practices are tougher, just all around better coaching.”

Last year the Archers won 26 games, and their ability to live up to their reputation relies on the older members of the team to ensure that the new and less experienced players are able to restore that balanced, even flow the team had last year, according to Coach Goodrich.

“In years past the team’s been more balanced [with new and returning players]. When we had that balance the guys would learn from each other,” said Goodrich.

Archers Day at Busch Stadium is an event that the Archers have participated in for several years now.

“We try to do it because it’s a big thing,” said Summe. “You know, our players are mostly St. Louis area guys so it’s a big deal for them to play at Busch stadium where their favorite team plays.”

According to Summe, the event is sentimental for the players and the families in attendance, this year more than ever with so many players new to the team.

“Oh yeah, its awesome. We wouldn’t miss it for nothing,” said Terry Muir, grandmother of Archers player Mitchell Kraft. “He’s been playing since he was six years old. Ever since he could pick up rocks. We’ve been so excited all week that we were just going crazy…There’s three generations on his side of the family here. Now we’re just wondering if there’s ever gonna be a fourth generation.”

Regarding the game, new player Noah Locknett said that improvements could be made.

“Pitching is definitely our biggest strength, and our hitting is a big strength too, but our defense was a little shaky today,” said Locknett. “But I think we’ll pick it up.”

Summe said his favorite part of the day is watching the players enter through the player’s entrance.

“Watching their faces and the smiles, that’s easily [the best,]” said Summe. “You deal with the athletes during struggles with classes and all that and then you see them in a time of joy and real excitement. That’s awesome.”

Coach Goodrich said that the event is an entirely different experience.

“When you walk out onto the outfield it’s just… Woah,” said Goodrich.

The Archers have six home games this fall, four in September and two in October.


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