Archer Basketball Slams Cancer Awareness Day

Posted on 25 February 2016 by admin

Most supported game of the year draws huge crowd

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The temperature outside the Forest Park gymnasium was frigid on Saturday, Feb. 13 but things were quickly heating up inside. The STLCC basketball program celebrated its annual Cancer Awareness day by sweeping Wentworth Military Academy in dominant fashion.

The Lady Archers kicked things off with a convincing 46 point victory over the Lady Dragons, 91-45, followed up by the men’s 28 point win of their own despite trailing by seven early. Fans came out in droves and packed the gym to show their support and the athletes responded to that in thrilling fashion. It was a fitting way to close the season at home.

It was a day that people will talk about for years to come, a day that athletes and fans will never forget. It was a day that brought STLCC together for two main common goals: to celebrate the basketball program and spread awareness about cancer by donating what they could. It was a fitting way to close the season at home.

From the sophomores being honored in between games to the incredible halftime performances by the Modern Day High School drumline to the lucky winners of the raffle prizes, it was a fitting way to close the season at home.

From Amanda Hughes drilling three pointers with ease to LaShonda Brewer imposing her will and dominance in the paint, to the combined trio of Nate Rigmaiden, Marcell Lee and Jason Johnson snagging almost every rebound imaginable, it was a fitting way to close the season at home.

From the silent motivation of Head Coach Shelly Ethridge to the highly intense motivation from Head Coach Terry Collins, it was a fitting way to close the season at home. These coaches clearly wanted this win on this day and their athletes responded in kind.

This day was not just about basketball, it was about coming together as a community of students, athletes and fans for a great cause. Cancer is a very dark thing because of how many people if affects and the potential end-result it can have, but events like this held shed light for the greater good. The players and coaches all shared the same emotions throughout the day. It was more about the cause than the games.

To the fans, it was about supporting the athletes and letting them know how much they care about them and the hard work they all put in year round. Speaking to these players and coaches, they said how excited they were to be a part of a program that is becoming something special.


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