Why ‘locker room talk’ does not define us

Posted on 08 February 2017 by Ian Schrauth

Women: powerful, resilient, unstoppable


By: Dalila Kahvedzic
Art & Life Editor


On Celebrity Apprentice in 2013 Trump made a remark about a female contestant, saying “must be a pretty picture, you dropping down to your knees,” as he looked away and laughed.

For those unfamiliar with Celebrity Apprentice, individuals compete to win the show which would then allow for a large donation made to a charity of their choice by the host.

Trump’s remark had nothing to do with the show, nor was it necessary.march

In 2015, he called lawyer Elizabeth Beck ‘disgusting’ for needing to pump breast milk for her threemonth-old daughter. This is deplorable. On Jan. 21, the Women’s March took place all around the globe and I was fortunate enough to be able to march in St. Louis. I marched because I do not think talking about grabbing women by their private parts and calling a woman a bitch is okay – it is not ‘just’ locker room talk.

I marched because of the need to feel safe.

If I have a daughter, she will feel unassailable.

If I have a son, he will know that behavior such as Trump’s toward women is not tolerable.

I marched because my life matters, the hard work I do matters, the women that fought for the right to vote matter.

This country is built on freedom, diversity and the right to say no.

I marched because no means no, because my parents immigrated to America for a better future, because they are foreign, because they are Muslim and because that is okay.

Because I have friends of different types of religion and appreciate them for the love in their heart, not the color of their skin or whether their hair is wrapped in a beautiful shawl.

I marched because just like the steps I took, I want this country to move forward in unity and love.

Ladies, let us remind each other that we are powerful and our voices matter.

Each time you make a financial decision, you are able to do so because of the women who marched.

Each time you go into a voting booth to cast your vote, you are able to do so because of the women who marched.

Each time you strive for a job outside of the confines of your home – you are able to do so because of the women who marched.

We are powerful, we are activists, we are resilient, we are women and we will continue to march.


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