What is love?

Posted on 11 February 2015 by admin

Editor Austin Schumann explores love and how it effect’s our daily lives.


By: AUSTIN SCHUMANNAustin Schumann
Online Editor


What is love? Love is a very hard thing to describe, seeing as it means so many different things to people. To some it is simple infatuation while others do not even believe it exists. When people cannot see love as a force greater than themselves, it makes it harder to form connections with people. The truth of the matter is the definition of love is as varied as the people it affects.

Everyone experiences different types of love. When you say goodbye to your parents leaving for school, caring for brothers, sisters, grandparents and even creepy Uncle Jim. This is the kind of love that stems from blood relations, where you can not pick who you are stuck with but love regardless. Your parents are the ones who raised you and cared for you when you were too young and vulnerable to do so for yourself. Your siblings played with you and stuck up for you when you were pushed around by the neighbor’s kids. Can one really go through all of that, spend so much time with these people and not feel something close to love?

Moving outside the love of those we share a home with is the love we have for our friends. It does not have to be a romantic love, though it can often blossom into that. Forming relationships with our friends gives us companionship and support that can be hard to find anywhere else.

Finally, there is romantic love. This is what usually comes to mind when the word “love” comes up and this is arguably the most important type. This love comforts you at night and gives you someone to spend the rest of your life with.

Romantic love can give life meaning and being in love with somebody you truly care about gives you companionship through tough times. The phrases that are spoken during a wedding – richer and poorer, sickness and health, till death do you part – all mean more than tradition and ceremony. These phrases illustrate the deepness and absolute wonder of true love, the ability to be with somebody no matter the circumstances.

With all of these types defined, many may wonder how love can still be so strongly denied. Surely everyone has experienced at least one kind of love and caring, and if so how can they still be against it, deny it or outright denounce it? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner many people are even more jaded to love than usual, and this feeling is understandable. They have been hurt before or have never experienced true love, or maybe they just think themselves above such silly and simple emotions. This coming Saturday should be a time for love and joy, for spending time with your friends, family and loved ones alike. So when Valentine’s Day rolls around, just remember one thing, your baby will not hurt you no more.


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