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Posted on 04 December 2013 by admin

Lo and behold, There will be flying drones in the sky delivering material goods from Amazon soon



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Lo and behold, There will be flying drones in the sky delivering material goods from Amazon soon. That is the projected goal of the powerhouse of a company, Amazon. The idea sounds great, but it constitutes a need for worry and much disbelief.

There are many skepticisms about Amazon’s ambitious dream, one being the cost. Between the technology to fly these drones, the fuel used, the GPS systems used, the malfunctions, maintenance and inevitable mechanical problems, Amazon could be allocating too many resources toward the project. If the project does not create a financial surplus for the company or a satisfied customer, Amazon could lose much reputation as a reliable delivery company.

Another problem with the project is the plausibility of it. A world where flying squadrons of “air caravans” circulate the sky sounds like a Sci-Fi flick. How realistic is it for all these machines to accurately get to their destination and in 30 minutes or less? What if you want to cancel your order? Are there regulations to what you can and cannot send or what about whom you send your stuff too?
There are inevitable dangers as well. Will drones malfunction, fall from the sky and impale surrounding citizens, killing them? What are the safety regulations with this kind of project? Will people try and shoot them down or damage them in any form? Will laws be made to protect their investments?

Ultimately, this technology will be very beneficial, but many law regulation and safety measures will need to taken beforehand. As we near the peak of the digital age, humans are going to see some interesting changes to the way we see retail and transportation, whether it be commercial or business. Amazon is trying to handle a big package; but hopefully the technology does not fall into the wrong hands.


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