Wacky Science: Playing God

Posted on 19 March 2014 by admin

Writer Cory Muehlebach explores the preservation of endangered species


Cory Muehlebach

Cory Muehlebach

Staff Writer

Interfering with nature is a notorious habit of humanity that should be brought down a few notches. Sure, rescuing Grandma’s cat from the tree is a just decision, but going out of our way to preserve certain endangered species can become a little tricky.

Natural selection has worked very well, why should humans involve themselves in the business of other animals? Some would argue that because humans have the power to, they should or that because humans affect the environment, they should. But that is erroneous. Organisms die off for a reason: they are incapable of adapting to existing conditions. The polar bear will naturally die, as the Earth gets warmer; that is with or without human involvement in global warming.

However, there are certain instances where involving ourselves is acceptable. If humans are the cause behind dams being destroyed and killing beavers or other wildlife, then it is our responsibility to fix that ecosystem. When humans are the cause of the problem then it is acceptable to interfere, otherwise let nature run its course.

Humans involving themselves can harm the animals; it can also disrupt the environment. By going out of our way to set up reserves to prolong animal life, we are possibly taking away from the expansion of other species. For instance, if humans were to create a habitat to sustain a certain species of bird, there could very well be a decrease in insect population causing a huge shift in other species population. The circle of life becomes disrupted and we create the chance of endangering another species.

If humans continue to attempt and alter nature, certainly it is going to backfire. Nature has worked wonderfully so far, why change it? Sure, aiding animals is a good thing, but when humans create entire ecosystems, change genomes and involve themselves too much, they harm the environment and create an imbalance. Let nature do its thing, only interfere when necessary and stop playing God.

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