The true cost of eating healthy

Posted on 24 October 2017 by admin

Is healthy food more expensive, or do people just not want to pay for it?


By: Christina Perkins
Staff Writer


Nowadays there are a lot of people that want to get t and stay healthy but don’t want to pay the price for it. Some people think it’s too expensive to eat healthy so they continue to eat junk foods and claim there’s nothing to be done about it. But in reality, healthier food isn’t more expensive at all.

The tomatoes, broccoli and carrots may appear to be too expensive so you buy a bag of chips instead. There’s nothing wrong with that, but ask yourself this: Why don’t you want to pay the price for healthier foods? Is healthier food actually more expensive than junk food or is your mind just making you believe that?

Recent research has shown that some families can’t afford healthier foods because they don’t make enough to afford it. But in reality, it isn’t what you make, it’s what you chose to spend your money on.

A lot of people have a budget, such as myself, and if families or students want to eat healthier, they could budget to eat better. For example, instead of picking up a box of Twinkies for $2.97 at Walmart, you could pick up a box of whole grain granola bars for the same price. You can live healthy and eat healthy on a budget.

Now, enough budget talk. Let’s talk about why healthy foods are better than junk food. The ingredients that are used in healthier food are better than what’s used in junk

Micronutrients help the human body with its daily functions. If your body lacks micronutrients, you could be at risk for health problems. According to the blog AlyG, healthy foods, such as fruits, vegetables, potatoes and high-quality meats, typically contain more micronutrients than junk foods.

Healthy foods are more natural than junk foods. Junk food tends to be full of sugar and is more than likely processed. Whole foods like fruits, vegetable, low- fat dairy and lean meats are healthier for the body and available in healthier, unprocessed forms. The nutrients that are in healthier foods bene t your body more than what’s in junk food.

Listed above are a couple reasons why I believe that healthier foods should stay at the prices they are and why they’re better than junk food. I enjoy burgers and fries just like most people in this world but they aren’t feeding my body the nutrients and giving me the energy that I need like healthy food does.

Like I explained, if we all budgeted our money better to eat healthier then it wouldn’t be so hard to buy and eat healthier foods. Healthier foods aren’t more expensive than junk food, it’s just that people more often choose to take the easier route and eat junk food. Invest in yourself by replacing some of the junk food that you’re buying with healthier foods.


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