The problem known as procrastination

Posted on 10 March 2015 by admin

Staff Writer Christian Hargas looks into the ways to combat procrastination




Staff Writer

Procrastination is something almost everyone deals with in their lives. I have had my fair share of procrastination problems over the years, most notably in high school.

Even now in college, it is easy to wait until the last minute to get something done. However, that is not the right way to do things. It makes for sloppy work and disappointed individuals, especially if something is not even finished.

Procrastination does not make someone a bad person, it just allows for others to question their ability to challenge themselves and work diligently. However, that does not mean one cannot change their issues with procrastinating, if they have any. It is tough to do at first, but there are ways to end that nasty habit and take things more seriously.

Here are five steps that you can follow in order to avoid procrastination:

1. Make a schedule or checklist: One of the reasons people procrastinate is because they do not have a clear perspective on what to do and when it needs to be done. For example, having a planner is very important because it allows one to write down their assignments and their due dates.

That way, it is much easier to remember what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. It also allows for more thorough and organized work. In the past, I used to not use a planner. It resulted in a lot of confusion and chaos, which led to procrastination. This is the most important step  of them all because this is what avoiding procrastination is all about.

2. Diligence, Diligence, Diligence: When one begins an assignment, make sure to work diligently throughout. It is important to take breaks while working, but make sure to get back to work once break time is over.

It is very easy to let the small break turn into an entire day, putting you farther behind in your work. Try not to do that because it saves precious time and plenty of further f r u s t r a t i o n . R e m e m b e r to work at a steady and co n s i s t e n t pace.

3. Turn off the t e l e v i s i o n : This one is much more difficult to do, especially when a popular show is on. However, it needs to be done to allow for more concentration and focus on the important things. I still s o m e w h a t have problems with this one, especially if I have the NFL Network on while doing h o m e w o r k . Trust me when I advise to turn off the TV  while doing anything important.

4. Eat something: This one may not seem as important, but it has been proven to be beneficial. While taking one of those breaks, make sure to eat something to keep your energy levels up and focus sharp. Also, it would not hurt to eat something healthy, such as an apple, banana, orange, yogurt, sandwich or something else along those lines.

5. Believe in yourself: I do not mean to preach, but low morale in situations like this is also a problem. To avoid procrastination, one must tell themselves they can start something and work through it without any major distractions. Having a good mindset going into an assignment is vital to productivity. If one has three or four projects to do in a day and they do not believe they can get them done, chances are they will most likely not get them done. One must have faith in their ability to work through adversity and not get distracted by any outside sources.

I am not a professional in the art of avoiding procrastination, but these are just five steps I take to avoid the last minute rush to get things finished. They have proven to work for me, so they can work for you as well. If one follows these steps, procrastination can be a thing of the past.

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