Staff Editorial: Four Months Later … Meramec Still in Disarray

Posted on 04 September 2013 by admin

The Editorial Board questions Meramec’s reputation



Here we are four months later. For most of us, the campus attack that occurred back in April is just a memory. However, for our administration it was the beginning of the end. It all began with the resignation of President Wasson shortly after the attack that unfolded in a campus bathroom.

While Wasson’s resignation remains unexplained, we now face the removal of three more members of administration. The obvious question is: how can we function without key members of our administration who are put in office to protect us and ensure that our time at STLCC-Meramec is spent effectively? Truthfully, we cannot.

We came here to expand our minds and change our lives, not to participate in a business transaction. While we do pay to attend Meramec, we are students, not customers; we deserve answers.

As students, we dedicate significant portions of our time to academic success. We show up everyday and take our education seriously. If we are not expected to care about how our institution is run, how can we be expected to care about our education?

While the majority of students may not care who is in charge of what, the media does and, as they have and continue to do, will cover it relentlessly. When members of our community hear about these things, our reputation suffers. Meramec is quickly becoming associated with scandal and corruption.

It is safe to say that most of us decided to attend Meramec because of its reputation. Many of us even commute out of our way to come here for one reason: we are the best— and we should want to keep it that way.

Our pride as a school is not the only thing on the line. The petty actions of our administration affect us in practical ways as well. Most of us know the frustration of signing up for a required course only to find out that it has been canceled due to low enrollment.

We are already facing low enrollment, many of us taking classes of only ten to 15 students.

When a bad reputation comes into play, we are at an even higher risk of losing both current and potential students. With low enrollment, it becomes harder for us to complete our programs in the two years that most of us have set aside to attend Meramec.

We came here to participate in a running start toward higher education. Instead more and more of us are finding it to be a lost cause.


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