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Opinion: Get on the Wagon

Posted on 01 October 2015 by admin

The Archers’ Women’s Soccer team is hard to miss

Pat NiehausBy: PAT NIEHAUS
Staff Writer

I have just one word to describe the Saint Louis Community College Women’s Soccer Team; Wow. That is a hell of a defense Coach Erin Hesselbach has put together, all things considered. They have a line of injuries on the roster that is longer than I-270 south-bound at rush hour, but they still make it look easy. As a soccer lover with a defensive bias, I have to say I am impressed.

They might have amassed a record of 4-6-1 so far, but that record does not show how good this team is when they are healthy. Yes, there have been some games where they have lost convincingly but that number in comparison to the games decided by a goal or two is the real story.

With so many injuries, these ladies had to play out of position and did so admirably. Imagine for a second what it would be like if those injured players were healthy for the whole season.

If instead of having to rule out a 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 and hoping the back line continues to keep them in games, you have attacking threats that can be used not only to counter teams like IHCC, who’s back line made a left tackle look fast, but to be able to go for the jugular after taking a lead and not absorb wave after wave of opposing attacks. I never liked watching strikers gloat. They are a bunch of puffed whiners to be honest, but being able to see ours do that more often using a 4-3-3 would be nice. Those days are not far off either.

Switching gears for a second though, if defense wins championships, which it does, then being able to see those kind of tough displays with a team that is far from being 100 percent healthy is going to be a blast to see when they finally get there.

So, if you are not already on the STLCC Women’s Soccer bandwagon, you should be. Jump on while there is still enough room. That 4-6-1 record is not going to stay that way.

Let us do the math here: a healthy roster equals fresh legs. Fresh legs equal a better performance and more depth off the bench. And that, ladies and gentleman, equals goals. Lots and lots of goals. No more need to have a back line play like their lives depend on it or have a keeper play lights out every game.

The talent ability is there. It is all about getting healthy and when the women’s team finally gets that breathing room up front, it will be a beautifully terrifying thing to see, from touch line to touch line.

Once again the bandwagon still has room, but the space on it is limited.

Get on now because it is leaving soon and it would be a shame if STLCC missed out on the turnaround that is brewing at Meramec.

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