My arm hurts: an argument against vaccines

Posted on 31 March 2016 by admin

Why our trade of pain for peace of mind needs to be renegotiated 

Staff Writer

Why is it that the fear of the world is ironically pacified by needles, and their pacifier is an unbeknown solution to most of us?

Furthermore why is it that year-after-year, child-after-child, we plunge more of them into our arms to get vaccines for a laundry list of conditions. I am surprised there is not a vaccine for the common cold by now. Hear that Walgreens? Step it up.

With all the commercials and ads for flu shots and other vaccinations, it has become the norm to spend our hard-earned money on pain and a Power Ranger Band-Aid.

In any other context that would be considered absurd, but it is so ingrained in our culture that very few step back to weigh the pros and cons. This complete trust that “doctors know best” is not always the right road, albeit the most traveled.

Vaccines actually have many draw backs behind reducing the risk of an already one-in-a-million condition.

First of all, vaccines are obviously unnatural, and natural immunity is more effective than vaccination. Even pro-vaccine organizations state that natural vaccination causes better immunity. Plus natural vaccination creates immunity after a single natural infection whereas synthetic vaccination immunity only occurs after several doses. But hey, maybe you will get a Ninja Turtle Band-Aid your second time around.

Also, doctors are vaccinating for conditions that are all but harmless. This over-protectiveness towards the immune system is like keeping your child away from the possible dangers of school, and yet expecting great performance when they enter the workforce. Like children, immune systems need training to develop and perform optimally.

More drawbacks have to do with what is in the solutions themselves. Some vaccines include ingredients like mercury, aluminum and even formaldehyde.

All of these ingredients are linked to comas, seizures and oh yeah, death. Sounds like a well-balanced meal to me, but can I get a Powder Puff Girls Band-Aid this time?

Along with poisonous ingredients, allergies need to be taken into account.

Many complex proteins are found in vaccines that could lead to anaphylaxis in some people. Sure they will not get chicken pox but they will breakout in full body sores twice as bad as those associated with chicken pox.

One con of vaccines is particularly striking to me. The fact that we vaccinate for conditions that do not exist anymore is completely beyond me.

Polio was eradicated in the U.S. in 1979 yet it is still commonplace to vaccinate for it. No cases of diphtheria since 2002, but you still cannot come to school unless you pay the 80 bucks for it — sorry. The money grab is just ridiculous, in my opinion.

You do not see levees in the desert because the ocean “could” sneak back. You should not have to pay for that levee over one bucket of water, but we do.

So instead of deciding on which Band-Aid you want at your next vaccine appointment, take that time to decide whether you should get the vaccine in the first place. Your body and pocketbook will greatly appreciate you.

Plus I hear Dollar General just got in a new shipment of superhero Band-Aids.

  • Jill Patton

    Protection from vaccination only lasts from 2 to 5 years. This means that everyone should get boosters for the rest of their life. Vaccines for flu and whooping cough are good examples of the bacteria out smarting the vaccines by becoming resistant. So it doesn’t matter if you receive a regular booster, you can still catch the bacteria and in the case of whooping cough, probably from someone recently vaccinated. So now consider the accumulative effect of the toxins found in vaccines. How easily does your body rid itself of toxins. How good is your diet, because mineral and vitamin deficiencies impact on how well your body responds to a vaccine and whether you have an adverse reaction. Do all babies really need to have vaccines for sexually transmitted diseases, when protection only last 2-5 years and they won’t ( hopefully ) be having sex til mid to late teens. Anyone who questions the vaccine schedule or vaccine safety is demonised.

  • Poo Poo breath

    I dont even know why not getting a vaccine is even an option. Not vaccinating your child is both stupid and selfish. Theres no reason to put your child and other children at risk for your own ignorance

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