Managerial positions aren’t so easy

Posted on 12 October 2016 by admin

Managers work hard, sweat blood and they deserve respect


By: Ian Schrauth
Online editor


Many people think it’s easy to be a manager at a fast food restaurant like Taco Bell, but they’re incorrect.

It’s more difficult than most people think to be a manager at Taco Bell, or any general manager.

If corporate makes a surprise visit, there are intense rules that must be followed by the book, with no exceptions. Workers, who may or may not be as dedicated to the job as the manager, must follow the same rules so that they don’t look like a bad store and get in trouble with corporate.Manager

Coming from a guy who has worked at Taco Bell for almost three years, I have seen a lot of managers get stressed over their job because people are just angry.

I once had a manager who
was stressed just about 98 percent
of the time. I do not remember a time with her that she was not stressed. She had to count all of the food in the back, she had to do a lot of work on the computer, cook food, and many more tasks before the start of her shift, and after the store closes.

These tasks may seem very easy to do, but in reality, the job is hard. I mean, would people like to do constant work and not stop until the manager closes the store? Sometimes at five in the morning? And when things don’t work correctly, it makes it worse.

I recall a time when we had to close someone’s money drawer, and it would not let it clock the person out, even when the person was all clear. We called the help line, and things just got worse and worse, even to the point where food cost was going down because the computer was not letting us put anything in.

I do not think I could ever be a manager because all of the responsibilities and time commitments. I don’t drive, and I’m also in school, and since I would work more hours as a manager, I wouldn’t have time to be a college student.

Some managers don’t have an education, sometimes because they can’t afford school, and their only employment option is the job they have. They’re stressed about being stuck in their job, and how hard their job actually is.

Overall, being a manager may seem like the easiest job in the world, but in reality, they’re sweating blood on every shift. The idea that managers are lazy just isn’t right — they work hard, and deserve some respect for it.





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