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Posted on 30 March 2015 by admin

Opinions Editor Livie Hall shows different places to go for furniture shopping on a budget




Opinions Editor


The best part about moving out and getting your own place is decorating it. Girls want their apartment to look cute, welcoming and fun. Guys will pretty much settle for a TV, an old couch and a refrigerator full of beer.

Never underestimate Wal-Mart. It has this stigma with it of “white trash” and “cheap-made materials.”

Wherever you stand on this spectrum, the store does have its diamonds in the deepest of ruffs.

While my parents loved and supported me, I was on my own financially. So when I moved out, I had to buy big kid furniture, on top of paying bills and everything else.

I decided I wanted a bookshelf, so after looking at IKEA’s website and being rudely awoken to how poor I was, off to Wal-Mart I went.

I found a shelf for $15 and it has been the best little shelf I could have hoped for. Given, I could not afford a screwdriver and had to use a butter knife, it was totally worth it.

My personal holy grail of savings is the flea market.

There is nothing cuter than an old, hole-in-the-wall store filled with antiques and great deals.

Stores like Savers have everything from books to picture frames to kitchen ware to furniture, all at a great price.

My favorite thrift store is St. Vincent de Paul in South City. This store is huge and has plenty of furniture and other household items.

There was once a nice loveseat running right at $100. This is something that would have cost a minimum of $500 at a name brand store.

The beauty of St. Louis is how many things it has to offer. Any area within this city is going to have a good find.

Even Big Lots has cute things for your house, and yes, they are very affordable.

Of course we cannot wait for the day we can afford to shop at Stein Mart and Home Goods.

Until that day comes, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.


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