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Posted on 02 April 2014 by admin

In response to “Spring fashion faux pas’”

Letter to editorI recently finished reading the March 20, 2014 edition of The Montage and found it to be quite interesting and entertaining. I especially enjoyed the “Spring fashion Faux pas” by Mr. Cullen Miller. While I do not agree with Mr. Cullen’s opinion on much of what he wrote the article did prove to be quite beneficial to me in both my Sociology and Logic classes where we have been learning about Micro cultures and rhetorical fallacies respectively.

I do have some questions for Mr. Cullen. If he might be willing to answer them in his next article I would be most appreciative.

1. Where might I find a copy of the United States Men’s Dress Codes? I checked on line and found nothing. As I do most of my shopping at the thrift store, it is hard for me to make the right purchases. Also on that subject, for some reason no one has posted any age requirement signs on any of the clothing displays. I am a little embarrassed to ask, I am sure you understand.

2. Would love to locate a copy of the Ten Commandments of Men’s Fashion you cite in your article. Is it an expensive publication, can I find it on E-Bay?

3. The issue of sandals seems to be a major thorn for you. I may be confused but it seems to me that in many Asian cultures some form of sock has been worn with sandals for many generations. The Tabi sock, shoe, boot of Japan are good examples. Oh, and my toenails are ugly – you are correct there but it comes from going barefoot most of my life. I guess no socks is the best alternative for the poor people.

4. I specifically like the way you told your readers to “lose the attitude” – nice reflective touch.

5. Categorizing people by the way they choose, or can afford to dress as “slobs”, “Dumbass” and “caricature of a jock/nerd” was an excellent invitation to conflict.

6. Although I see more issues, I will end this on a simple note. I would never challenge you on your concept of style but I do feel that when presenting your opinion you might wish to eliminate all the contradictions in it first, primary of which is telling us we need to “be more original” while basically bludgeoning us about our wardrobes.

My name is R. Papa Nyk Lindsoe and I am a full time student at Meramec.

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