Let It Snow

Posted on 24 February 2015 by admin

Online Editor Austin Schumann gives ideas on how to stay warm and active on a snow day.


By: AUSTIN SCHUMANNAustin Schumann
Online Editor


These last few weeks have been crazy, with plenty of ice and snow coming down across the country. Now is time to explain how to stay safe and have fun when the weather outside is frightful. One thing to always remember: fire good, house fire bad.

Heated blankets are a wonderful accessory for a house with poor heating or a dad (and it is always the dad) that decides that it saves energy and money to keep the heat off. However, leaving them on for too long or setting them down in the wrong place can turn really ugly really fast.

Fireplaces are also great ways to keep warm, and whether it is a gas or wood stove, fire equals heat. Now many may be thinking, “But it is so cold, how do I know for sure if the fire I have started is too big or not?”

This is a very good question, though there is a good rule of thumb. Every fireplace comes in different shapes and sizes and gas and wood fires act differently, but if the fire is not contained properly, the fire is most likely out of control at this point.

Spending all day indoors can become tedious, but luckily there are other options. There is plenty of fun to be had in the great, white wilderness that is the surrounding, snowy area.

Sledding is always a fun and wholesome activity for the whole family – all it takes is a good sled and hill. However, this can get boring after some time. Many have it in their heads that it is time to spice things up and add an obstacle course of sorts in their path.

This may be a very fun activity but despite popular belief, adding ramps to sledding courses greatly raises the chance of injury. If someone is determined to perform these feats, there are two precautions that would be wise to take.

The first option is to find a hill that is close to a hospital so it does not take long to receive care. The second option is to call ahead and have an ambulance on standby. The paramedics may ask to let them sled as well but this urge must be resisted, they need to be able to respond fast to any injuries.

Now, if the thought “But I have no sled, how can I join in on this merriment?” comes to mind, the wonderful news is a sled is not needed to slide down a hill at dangerous speeds. Flat pieces of cardboard and lids to trashcans work just as well.

Many people may not enjoy cold weather but that is no reason to not have fun. Just remember these tips and tricks and you too can be outside singing “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.” Just remember no one is responsible for any injuries that may be received from either deviating or following the guidelines put forward, other than yourself.


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