Keepin’ It Real: Two Year College? Not So Much

Posted on 06 November 2013 by admin

Writer Jake Hunn explores the average length of time it takes to graduate


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STLCC-Meramec is widely known as a two-year college, but is graduating in four semesters really as common as the name implies? It seems that an increasing number of students are spending more time earning a degree at Meramec than they had originally planned. This can be attributed to course availability, lack of time and poor advising.

One major reason that students spend more than two years working toward a degree at Meramec is that the required classes are just simply not available. In most cases this is a direct result of low enrollment. Students sign up for classes because they are required for their program. It is common for a class to be cancelled days before its first meeting. This does not give students time to sign up for another class, which slows down the process of earning a degree.

Also, some students do not have time to work classes into their schedule. Lack of time is particularly crippling to students who have jobs. Such students typically take classes in the evening when certain classes are simply not offered.

More students are also lagging in earning their degree as a result of poor advising. When students are poorly advised, they end up in courses that are not required for their degree. For example, if a student is advised to follow the degree checklist for the Associate in Fine Arts-General Fine Arts program while the program they intended to enter is the Associate in Fine Arts-Graphic Communications, they may have already spent an entire semester taking classes that they do not need.

The only sure way to come out of Meramec with a degree in just two years is to dedicate time and effort to making sure the proper requirements are met. For students who work or have families, this can be quite an obstacle.


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