Is it time to go to the lake yet?

Posted on 30 March 2015 by admin

Opinions Editor Livie Hall talks about the fickleness of St. Louis weather and why summer needs to be here now


Opinions Editor


I think I speak for all of us when I say I am sick of this cold, rainy weather. The Midwest is a great place to grow up, but the weather is about as fickle as a compulsive liar.

It rains – just kidding, here comes the fun. It is warm – oh, is that a cloud? Of course it is.

People from the Midwest know with each year that comes, they will get to experience every season, while not necessarily in the right order.

It has snowed in July and it was 70 degrees a few weeks ago. April showers have been in August and there have been a few Christmas’s spent in shorts.

And let us not forget the tornadoes that quickly dissipated and turned into bright, sunny days.

The forecast really does not mean much, but it is sweet that the weather people try.

I am fine with winter, but if it is going to be cold and snow, then it better be cold and snow. Stop teasing us with beautiful spring days just to replace them with wet, gloomy ones.

People are ready to go to the lake, wear their swimsuits and have fun.

They need to have picnics in the park and go for runs in their neighborhoods. They need to drive with the windows down and watch baseball games.

I would rather be burning hot than freezing cold. I want to complain about my sunburn, not frostbite.

Unfortunately, there is no solution to this problem. The only thing people can do is make the best of it, but that is hard when you have no idea what to expect.

You could always move to Florida and enjoy 70 degree weather almost year round. If someone does like the cold, they can move to Alaska where the temperature is never above 40 degrees, if that.

For those of us stuck here in the Midwest, we only have about a month left of this super finicky weather.

The summer will be beautiful, albeit with a few rainy days thrown in. It will soon be time to go to Ted Drewe’s and Mr. Wizard’s.

We can run in Forest Park and spend our weekends at the zoo.

Until then, put on a coat, a tank top, snow boots and an umbrella. Summer will be here soon enough and our days will be spent in a sunny wonderland.


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