Is freedom free?

Posted on 30 March 2015 by admin

Art & Life Editor Dalila Kadvedzic criticizes a controversial Religious Freedom law in Indiana and what it means for the country


Art & Life Editor


Many remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as a strong, courageous and strong-willed individual.

Dr. King , along with many others, fought for equal rights and it is a disgrace that in 2015, there is still discrimination almost anywhere we go.

It may not be as evident as it is in places such as Ferguson, but dig deeper and it is surely there.

To prove this point, Indiana recently passed the Religious Freedom Bill which in other words can be called the anti-gay law.

Companies and businesses in Indiana (such as restaurants) can deny service based on their own religious belief of any sexual orientation they do not agree with.

These businesses can deny their services if they think being gay is wrong, which is absolutely atrocious. It is sickening.

Indiana does not have a law in place against gay discrimination either.

Shunning someone because of what they believe in and who they are as a person makes no sense.

What makes this situation even worse is that Arkansas has a similar law in the works that should be passed sometime this week.


As states are fighting to legalize gay marriage and move on with this topic as a nation, bills are being passed to deny services to individuals because they are gay?

How are we supposed to move forward as a nation and feel equal in any sense if these discriminatory actions against them and their sexual orientation continue?

Denying somebody their rights, which former politicians and activists have fought so incredibly hard for, because of who they love and choose to marry is the most ridiculous thing to ever exist.

Everyone should be free to love who they love and that should not be questioned.

It is no wonder so many people are suffering from depression.

Many kids and adults find it hard to come out and tell their friends and family they are gay, but knowing they can be denied services in public places makes it even harder.

Being the United States of America once meant something.

Being the United States of America included holding these truths ‘to be self evident, that all men are created equal,’ whether it be by race, by religious belief, by sexual orientation — whatever the case may be.

The March Madness Final Four championship games are being held in the state of Indiana, but should they be?

Sports celebrities such as former NBA star Charles Barkley has stated publicly that sporting events should boycott the state while the bill is in place.

Let us keep in mind this decision was brought to you by an old white man in a suit who obviously does not understand the concept of “Separation between Church and State,” or the “Pursuit of Happiness.”

I say Indiana lets go of their ignorant, self-righteous attitude so we can all be Americans and let freedom ring.


  • Tom Sarsfield

    Good article, but I would like to pose a question to the author: Why should the state hold the authority to compel a business to provide its services to homosexual individuals? This is especially important given the nature of a free market, which by design creates an environment wherein numerous economic agents compete against one another and consumers are free to choose which firm receives their patronage. In other words, the problem solves itself. If a gay couple is denied by one place of business, they can choose another which holds a less socially regressive perspective on homosexuality.

    I’m looking forward to the author’s response!

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