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Posted on 28 January 2015 by admin

Photo Editor Alex White offers tips for winter running


Alex WhiteBy: ALEX WHITE
Photo Editor


Months before 2015, people were trying to find out what their New Year’s resolution would be for the next 12 months. If becoming a runner is what was picked then this is a good place to start.

Running is not an easy event to pick up because it takes a lot of patience and work. When the weather is not always good, here are some tips to stay warm without wearing too many layers.

The weather in St. Louis is hardly ever at the best running conditions, especially in the winter months when it can be hard to find the motivation to get out and go for a run.

However, the run can still happen and the body can still be kept nice and warm if the proper clothing is worn.

For feet, make sure a thick pair of socks are worn and they are good at wicking moister away from the feet. Legs need to be kept warm too because they are doing all the work. When muscles are cold, it is harder for them to carry on the run. When the temperature gets below 30 degrees, a base layer should be worn. Base layers help keep the body’s internal temperature up while also removing any moister. A good, thick pair of leggings will do the trick, with a pair of sweat pants over them.

RunningThe upper body also needs a base layer to keep warm. A long-sleeve shirt helps accomplish this. Although, never wear a shirt made of cotton while running in the cold. Cotton does not wick moister away, instead it soaks up liquid and keeps it where it is found. This will end up leaving the body cold and clammy.

Next, depending on how you can handle the cold, another long-sleeve or a short-sleeve shirt over the base layer. Once these layers are on, one should wear a hoodie or windbreaker. These final layers will help deflect any wind present, making it feel a little less cold.

Always wear a stocking cap and gloves when running in the winter. Ears are the first to feel the effects of the cold, and running with cold hands is just as uncomfortable. With these tips, winter running will not feel as horrible and there will be no need to be bogged down with too many layers.


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