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Feelin’ that Rocky Mountain high

Posted on 29 January 2016 by admin

How leaving St. Louis changed my perspective

Staff Writer


This past winter break I took a vacation to Denver, Colo. and now I want to move there.

Don’t get me wrong; I love my city, but we have nothing on Denver. The way of life there is much more enjoyable than it is here in St. Louis.

For starters Denver has 300 days of sunshine. St. Louis weather is unpredictable; it alternates between the freezing and the blazing hot.

The snow-covered tips of the Rocky Mountains can be seen from miles away as you enter Denver. The city is at the forefront of the mountains, so wherever you are in the city you can see the mountain tops in the background.

Since the Rocky Mountains are so close to the city, they make for a ton of outdoor activities — from hiking to skiing and everything in between.

The scenery inspires people to be active. In St. Louis, the city is more urban. This keeps a lot of people indoors.

Because it is always sunny and there is so much for people to do outdoors, the society there is much more active and healthy.

St. Louis has the Arch, Forest Park and many other attractions that make the city awesome. Denver has the Rocky Mountains — which top anything we have because of their infinite beauty.

I liked it so much in Denver that I now cheer for their professional sports teams.

The people of Denver seem to be friendlier than the people of St. Louis for some reason. I believe it is because of the sheer beauty of the nature around them. How could someone be mad when they walk outside and the view looks like a desktop background?

There is so much to explore there from Colorado Springs all the way to Rocky Mountain National Park.

You can check out Canon City and walk across the Royal Gorge Bridge, which is the highest suspension bridge in the United States.

Another reason why people are so happy there is because of the legalization of recreational marijuana.

Now I know marijuana is a drug, but so is alcohol and that is legal everywhere else.

The world we live in is immensely beautiful from its highest peaks to its deepest valleys. There are many unexplored territories that are on this wonderful planet.

Do not get me wrong: I love my city. I have lived here almost my whole life and St. Louis is my hometown. Unlike Denver, the place we live is incredibly diverse, which is one of my favorite things about it.

I love cheering on the Cardinals and I enjoy doing all the activities that make up St. Louis culture. This city definitely has its own charm.

I do not want to knock the place I have lived for so many years because I like it too.

Denver is the first place I have ever been outside of St. Louis for a long period of time. Seeing someplace different from where I grew up changed my perspective a lot. Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone to see the brighter side of life.

For me, Denver was a good place to start.


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