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End the sugar rush: healthier is better

Posted on 14 March 2016 by admin

Junk food is better suited for fire fuel than for ingestion

Staff Writer


Why is it that so many pantries of the American youth are replete with junk food? Why are so many fridges overflowing with soft drinks? Parents, you are subjecting your children to poor nutrients before they even have a chance to make their own food decisions. After years of relying on a refined sugar and an artificial diet, these children know nothing else and continue on with their unhealthy habits not knowing it could lead to their later demise.

That is why all of the parents out there need to remove the problem from birth instead of battling a teenager who craves nothing but sugar later on. Most parents would never buy their baby a formula filled with inorganic ingredients, so why is it that as soon as Billy’s teeth come in he is munching down a can of Pringles with a soda? I know it sounds remedial but what a child eats is what is going to fuel all of the billions of chemical reactions going on inside their bodies at any given moment. Do you want to fill them up with unleaded fuel just to get them through the day, or premium so they can develop optimally? Yes, there is a right answer.

I find it very selfish of parents to pass on their poor eating habits to their children. Loving your children in my eyes means doing everything in your power to keep them safe and healthy. Unless your child is trading the Cheetos in his lunchbox to Johnnie for his avocado — unlikely — then you are undermining their health. Instead, Billy needs to be leaving the cafeteria with salad stuck in his teeth. That way, you are establishing good habits for him without him knowing it. He is not going to be having those sugar cravings if he was never exposed to refined sugar in the first place.

My dad operated this way and I did not know I was any healthier or different from other children my age until I got to high school. I never missed cookies before and by that time I knew enough to appreciate what he had done for me in my youth. The fruits, vegetables and fish only tasted sweeter after learning the hand they played in all aspects of my development.

Unfortunately, however, many individuals do grow up in poisonous households. One of my friends is such an individual. Luckily she has since come to the green side and appreciates even more than me the benefits a healthy diet provides. She commonly raves about her energy levels going through the roof and not having the baggage of strong sugar cravings.

All this being said, it is time to put all that junk food to good use: firewood. You would be surprised how well refined sugar burns. Need proof? Recently on Mythbusters, they used nothing but gummy bears as rocket fuel. So unless you want your child to reach for the moon, throw out the junk and give them the food they need for proper development.

The longevity of your child depends on you.


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