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That’s what he said; That’s what she said: Farewell

Posted on 03 May 2011 by admin

Relationships can be one of the most meaningful and powerful elements in a person’s life. Though some may seem perfect, others may have hidden issues. A new column by Kelly Davis and Shane Rice, “That’s What She Said/That’s What He Said,” will help address these hidden and open dilemmas most of us face in our relationships. We will provide ways and advice on how to add communication, intimacy, and adventure. There are two sides too relationships; with that in mind Kelly and Shane will write from both female and male perspectives. In addition this column will allow readers to ask questions online and seek advice. Most people have to work consciously to master the skills necessary to make relationships flourish; allow this column to guide you and your partner.

Kelly Davis - Copy Editor - Shane Rice - News Editor -

By Kelly Davis
– Copy Editor –

By Shane Rice
– News Editor –


Everything in life has a beginning and an end. Unfortunately, it is time for our columns to reach a conclusion.

Our column originally began with two strangers. We met in the newsroom. We both had the same idea for a column, so we put our heads together and became a team.

During our time together, we spent countless hours telling each other our insights and personal information. In the end, we created a friendship like no other. We were the perfect match.

We learned what it was like to communicate, to be open with one another, regardless of the outcome. We learned to feel. We learned to explore. We learned to love.

We will cherish these precious moments.

There were, of course, a few rocky points along the way but that takes place in every relationship. Nevertheless, because of our column, we were able to work through our differences.

We will miss our column. We will miss our readers. We will miss the opportunity to give our advice.

In the end, we hope that our wisdom reached out to our readers and gave them the ability to improve numerous relationships, making them happier and healthier.

Thus, we must say goodbye as a team. We are moving on with their lives, though we will remain together through love and friendship.


  • Tabitha Carter

    This was the first article that came across the screne as I explored The Montage and it immediately caught my attention. It said “Relationships”. Interesting. I am new to Meramec and will begin my journey this Fall 2011 as a candidate for the Nursing program. Being a writer that I am, I picked up a copy of “Rockin’ Meramec” and it lead me to this website. Again, interesting. My neurotransmitters have sparked and I am intrigued by this article. I am also curious on why there are no comments. So I would like to add one for your amusement.
    What you and your partner have participated in is a delight. You met, you took part in a challenge as combining personalities and lifestyles. And whether or not you became a couple in the end makes no difference in how you fared out during this relationship because you, indeed, had to remain a ‘couple’ for the sake of your partnership in editing. It’s a bonus to admit that you stayed a couple in the end, but the main and most critical has passed. You and Shane, you and Kelly, looked each other in the eyes and asked the inevitable question “How can we make this work?” And you did it. It was a job, like any other working relationship and you decided you were going to get through the hardships of combination. You made sure there was no combustable material to end your journey short. Congrats. You have represented to many that relationships, when put to the test and given a life and death situation, can pan out. Your relationship as a team can be an example to not just Meramec students, but worldwide. Relationships are everywhere, whether coupled as boyfriend and girlfriend, or co-working, professional, recreational, and/or family oriented. Your teamwork justified the need of partnership and compromise. If every relationship took a step back in the beginning, concluded that the journey is well worth the experience, whether good or bad, and said “I will do this” or “I am doing this” without the “he said/she said” selfishness that most the human race carries on their shoulder…life at Meramec, life in general can be a more peaceful place. So congratulations on the effort, the team work, and the relationship. I am not familiar with either one of you or your work, but the admittance to a team effort and still going strong can be admired. I respect this article and am pleased to have read it:)

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