‘Bookshots’ target new readers

Posted on 15 September 2016 by admin

A new option for those who don’t want to read long novels

By: Ian Schrauth
Online Editor


James Patterson is the author of many books, including Zoo, the Alex Cross series, NYPD Red 1-4, The Women’s Murder Club books, and many more. He writes full length novels, but recently he released a new type of book called “BookShots.”Bookshot cover on a glass created by Jordan Morris

BookShots are books that are 150 pages or less, can be read in a few hours at most and are meant to target new readers. After purchasing a BookShot from Amazon, I took a shot at “Cross Kill” and would have to say that I was hooked. I like to read, but I like to play on my cell phone a lot more. The book was short — it got me off my cell phone, and it entertained me for a couple hours.

All BookShots are written (or co-written) by James Patterson, with the exception of the romance BookShots. The romance genre is marketed as “James Patterson presents” and that means they will be written by other authors, and published with the BookShot logo.

I honestly think that BookShots are a good idea, the main reason being that they could gain new people to the world of reading.

Books send the reader to another universe; reading sends them away from trouble and passes the time. This society is filled with people on their cell phones and people who think they don’t have to read.

People need to start reading, but they don’t want to start on a 300-page thriller. They want to start short and that is where I believe BookShots come in handy. BookShots also have the idea of getting people not only started on reading books, but also writing books as well.

When I got done reading “Cross Kill,” it inspired me to start writing thrillers. If it can be an inspiration to a 19-year-old, it can be an inspiration to anyone. BookShots are an amazing idea, and I think Patterson will make a lot of money — as well as success — off this idea.

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