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An Apple a day keeps the Windows away

Posted on 07 December 2016 by admin

Are Apple computers the gods of the computer world?


By: Ian Schrauth
Online Editor


Generally speaking, Apple computers are better than Windows computers.

An Apple computer is like the prince of the computer world, but not the king and definitely not the god.

Yes, Windows computers have their advantages, like hardware flexibility, and price, but I feel that Apple computers have a better advantage, like better hardware and software support.

One example, like I said before, is that an Apple computer has better comp

The reason why you can’t build an Apple computer from scratch is because it would be too expensive with the hardware. Apple tends to spend a lot of money on their hardware, and the cheapest Apple computer with good hardware is about $900-$1000.

I honestly think you couldn’t even build a clone-apple-computer without trying to save money; it’s just impossible because of the overpriced, quality hardware.

One more reason why I think that apple computers are great is because they have the compatibility to run Windows on a Mac.

I honestly think this is good, because you have quality hardware, and you have the ability to put both operating systems on one computer, if you need some applications that are not supported.

I am not saying that Apple computers are like the gods of the computers, because they are not. There are some disadvantages.

For example, you cannot put macOS Sierra on a Windows computer. It is a closed source operating system, and it is not possible to do this without hacking the computer.

Generally speaking, that is breaking their end-user license agreement.

Another reason why I think Windows computers are better is because of the unit price.

I mentioned this before, but the price for an iMac is over $1000. A college student at Meramec does not want to spend their tuition money just so they can write up a paragraph that they are trying to work on for a class that they are paying their tuition with if they don’t get a scholarship.

Overall, Apple computers are better than any other computers that run windows.

Yeah, there are some disadvantages, but there are a lot of advantages as well.


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