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Posted on 16 September 2015 by admin

Why public figures should not get special privileges

austinBy: Austin Schumann
Staff Multimedia Specialist

People who are in the public eye on an almost daily basis include celebrities, professional athletes and politicians. Since they spend so much time under scrutiny, it would not be unreasonable to hold them to a higher standard, or even use them as role models. Why is it then, that they not only act irresponsibly, but seemingly with little to no consequence?

Celebrities are perhaps the easiest example to use. Stacked up at every cash register, at every grocery store, publications such as “People Magazine” show off every detail of a celebrity’s life. It is nearly impossible to be a perfect human being 24/7. Therefore, a celebrity may be forgiven for occasionally being caught in compromising positions, like being drunk in a nightclub. The issue is when celebrities break the law, drive while intoxicated or are caught in possession of illegal drugs. They are able to escape punishment with a slap on the wrist at best or sent to a celebrity rehab at worst. Even then, their version of rehab is nicer than most hotels. Many people do not even blink at this type of behavior, however. They gobble it up as entertainment news, not caring that without their fame, the celebrity would be sent to jail without a second thought.

In fact, it seems celebrities are judged more harshly for cheating on their spouse than committing crimes.

Political figures seem to be no better than celebrities when it comes to being associated with scandal. They do, however, seem to be even better at avoiding jail time. Thomas Jefferson defined tyranny as, “that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry,” which certainly seems to be true when looking at corruption from the lowest bureaucrat to the president himself.

If we cannot trust the people running our country, who can we trust?

In elementary school, we were often asked who our hero was – or something along those lines. We were usually given examples, the most common being a famous athlete. If these people are supposed to be our idols – or our heroes – why are they constantly proving to be anything but?

The people that we are supposed to look up to have proven to be anything but worthy of our time and respect.

So why do they stay as famous and well-liked? How can these people do that which goes against the very code they are supposed to uphold, then walk away like nothing happened?

It seems to be time for a revolution of sorts. No longer should we praise people who are undeserving. No longer should we let celebrities – or corrupt politicians – continue receiving this undeserving attention. No more.


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