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Posted on 02 April 2014 by admin

Staff writer Dalila argues that smart phones and kids don’t mix

Dalila Kahvedzic

Dalila Kahvedzic

Staff Writer

Seeing a 10 year old walking around with a smart phone that is slightly better than yours is a bit out of the question… or is it? It seems that everywhere we go and every step we take, a child holding a smart phone or any type of technology in their hands seems to be getting more plentiful. So what’s the big idea?

Yes, technology has absolutely improved a large number over the past few years including learning games and different types of apps to help youngsters improve their knowledge, but it should be taken back to the old days. Give your child a book or a puzzle to complete. Take them outside and make learning fun and active instead of having them sit on the living room couch staring into a screen that’ll only make their vision worse and impair their communication skills. It seems that lately kids stick themselves inside a fourwall room playing multi-player games on laptops together, instead of running outside and enjoying the weather.

Your pre-teen might give you the whole ‘I hate you!’ scream while running off to their room and slamming their door shut scenario because they don’t have the cool phone like his/her friends do, but then again that’s seemingly more bearable than having to see their head stuck in their phone all day. What’s the point of a 13 year-old having an Iphone anyway, so they can drop it, crack the screen, and give you another added expense? Or maybe so they can go over their text messaging limit and make your monthly phone bill even higher. Parents complain about ‘oh these kids and their technology’ but they hand it to them.

Give the children the technological resources they need for school, set a limit on the time they have, and let them enjoy life the way it should be enjoyed.



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