A New Perspective: Less is More

Posted on 30 April 2014 by admin

Writer Dalila Kahvedzic takes a look at the materialistic society in America.

Dalila PicBy: Dalila Kahvedzic
Staff Writer

Imagine driving a Cadillac escalade daily and having more money than is imaginable in a bank account. Would true happiness really exist, or would money sooner, rather than later, consume lives and turn society into a happy but ungrateful people? That is what is apparently happening with countless people in today’s society, and they seem to be the most unappreciative of all. No doubt, if the lottery is won and mega millions are received, many would spoil themselves and friends/family with everything conceivable and possible, but does that, in anyway, help? A year or a few down the road, feelings of attachment and strange addictions can be developed toward being wealthy, and becoming one of those rich snobby people that some may easily recognize will become more common. Working a customer service job in Kirkwood (which already being a richer neighborhood) it is as if the richest appear the unhappiest. If a BMW or a Cadillac is driven but a person who is so unhappy with life is in it, maybe it is time to turn over a new leaf. Invest some time and money into family and friends and people that bring out the happiness in life, rather than working long hours to buy another $60,000 car that really is not needed, or to pay a mansion off (with way too much space than a family needs anyway). Invest more time into people, rather than material things. It makes life worthwhile to be happier with less, rather than unhappy with more. Be happy with nothing, and you will be happy with everything.


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