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Posted on 01 October 2015 by admin

Cathy Casteel takes on role of Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Cathy CasteelBy: TYLER FUSON
Staff Writer

STLCC Campus Marketing and Communications Coordinator Cathy Casteel’s role is to promote the college campus, and preserve the college’s image to attract new students.

“What I’m here to do is help out with marketing, communications, local advertising, and PR for Meramec. The better the college looks, the more people want to come here,” Casteel said.

After graduating from Florida International University with a bachelor’s degree in mass communications and print journalism, Casteel began her career with Meramec in 2000, where she initially worked in the Community Relations Office. She has worked part-time as the marketing and communications coordinator at the Cosand Center and now is at Meramec.

“The position opened up here and I wanted to come back to campus,” Casteel said.

Being back on campus has been an enjoyable experience, especially when it comes to her co-workers, with whom she feels comfortable with on many levels, Casteel said.

“It’s like any team. You’re working together for a common goal, to show what a great resource STLCC is not just to students but the public at large,” Casteel said.

In addition, Casteel said she does not feel as if she needs to be in charge of them, that they work with one another rather than butt heads.

“I think we motivate each other. We’re trying to promote that positive awareness of the college, and that’s the big picture,” Casteel said.

Casteel said she is now happier than ever to be working for Meramec.

“Everybody at the college has been so kind and welcoming and helpful. It’s already a great thing to be back here.” Casteel said.


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