Students granted more time for payment

Posted on 15 September 2016 by admin

Dropped for nonpayment date postponed by one month this year

paymentdateBy: Sam Roy
Asst. News Editor


The STLCC Enrollment Office used a new system for the Fall 2016 semester.

“The last couple years, the problems are decline in diplomas and decline in college-ready graduates and increase in competition,” Dean of Student Development and Enrollment Management Kim Fitzgerald said.

The old enrollment system allowed students to enroll as early as April, then dropped those students if they had not paid for their classes by mid July. The drop for the new system was officially moved to August 16th.

The new system allows the students a larger window to arrange financial aid, setup a payment plan or pay for their classes.

“The problem is, students express a wanting to be here and having the enrollment process scare them away makes them feel as if it weren’t meant to be,” Fitzgerald said.

In addition, Meramec implemented a call center to contact students for financial aid and to finalize payment plans.

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