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Student Governance council attend MCCA

Posted on 05 March 2013 by admin

SGC participate in semi-annual event



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The Missouri Community College Association (MCCA) conference is held twice a year giving students from STLCC-Meramec a chance to meet students from Three Rivers in Jefferson City.  According to Vice President of the Student Goverment Council Oscar Zamora, who attended MCCA, the main goal of the weekend is to “teach and form new leadership leaders.”  People who are chosen to attend are those with a leadership position in the school.

This year Mo. Rep. Mike Thompson met with the group and gave a brief explanation of bills and how the House of Representatives works.  There was also an orientation presentation and a workshop of the House of Representatives.

“A mock legislation was held and the members played important roles on two mock bills to what steps are needed,” Zamora said.

Zamora described the MCCA as a once in a lifetime trip.

“At this age, it is [special.] You don’t care as much as a kid, but as a growing adult it is mind opening and very interesting to me,” Zamora said. “It makes you feel closer and more a part of the process.”

Another topic at the conference were events that are hosted by student organizers at other community colleges.  Also, how different the other school’s student life is and how the clubs are run.

Another Meramec student who attended the conference, AJ Feicht, said he really enjoyed seeing the Capitol, meeting the legislators and visiting with the other community college students from Missouri.

“I would say the mock legislative session we held in the House of Representatives in which we proposed and then debated and voted on fictional bills under the guidance of a legislator and the tour of the Captiol itself.  That was fun because they took us up to the outside of the top of the dome.  This is not normally done, but our group had a connection to the speaker of the senate and he was able to work that out for us.  It was really amazing,” Feicht said.

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