STLCC renovates campuses

Posted on 25 January 2017 by Ian Schrauth

Clark Hall and Student Center receive major upgrades


By: Ashley Biundo
Staff Photographer


Renovations for the STLCC campuses are set to continue until the beginning of the fall 2017 semester. Janet Walsh, dean of science, math, and health has seen big changes to the campus since she started working at Meramec.

“Since I started working here, the PTA lab was renovated in 2010,” Walsh said. “The nursing lab was renovated in the early 2000s and that was a major renovation. The Student Center was also renovated since I have been here. That was very dingy and old looking and now it has better color and light.”

The staff began to notice changes in the buildings over the years and the ages of the buildings are beginning to show. STLCC-M

“The buildings are showing signs of wear and tear and they are certainly showing their age and certainly the heating and cool system needs to be watched closely,” Provost Carol Lupardus said. 

During the upcoming summer, they will be expanding Lecture Halls and the science building. 

“There is an aggressive schedule to complete some renovations in our science classes,” Lupardus said. “Organic chemistry, horticulture, and geology labs should be renovated, and hopeful be ready for class in the fall.”

With the renovations coming up, there are chances the weather will not cooperate. Chances of postponing the renovations can make it difficult for students to get to class during the fall semester. 

The point of the renovations is to make it a better environment for students and teachers. Clark Hall and the Student Center had major changes done and now have a modern look to them. 

“I think there have been some nice things done to this building [Clark Hall],” Lupardus said. “Many of the doorways are nice, new furnishings around the building. For students, new computers have been placed in the hallway for their access. Downstairs had some nice things done, especially with the glass doors. So certainly we are taking care and trying to spend our money very wisely to make the buildings look as nice as they are and make a friendly environment for students.” 

The library was another big place for renovations for a better, quieter environment. 

“I am new to the campus, so I cannot really speak for renovations since the school began,” Lupardus said. “I do know since I have been here and this past summer, a lot of work has been done in the library like refiguring with reference librarians and so forth, trying to make it better for student learning and a nice environment.” 

Budgets have been cut so sometimes it can be difficult for renovations to be completed. 

“The Meramec campus was very frugal but careful to spend their money very wisely,” Lupardus said. “As you go through some of the buildings, you might notice some new furnishing for students and hopefully making the areas a little nicer but nothing extravagant.”


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