STLCC hires new compliance officer

Posted on 21 October 2014 by admin

Bill Woodward enters the STLCC community in a new position to keep order in the college

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After recent events on the local and national level, St. Louis Community College hired Bill Woodward as Compliance Officer, a new position created by the college.

He was offered the position in August, and had his first day at the end of September. He said he was drawn to the position and is looking forward to it.

“Everyone is aware with watching the news that there is concern regarding Title 9, and the way campuses are handling investigations,” Woodward said.

This is where the conversation for his position began. Woodward will have top knowledge of the ADA, the Clery Act, Title 4, 6, and 9 so that the college can follow these.

“Working with all these pieces that the campus needs to be in compliance with that, is having people looking at these in addition to their responsibilities,” Woodward said.

Woodward makes sure that the campus is following these acts thoroughly. He said he helps make sure people are following the rules as they are mandated by the government and legislation. When an incident happens, Woodward’s job is not to step in and oversee things.

“I am just making sure that the things that need to be reported are being reported,” Woodward said. “I’ve been taking a look at how situations are being managed,and the campus police chief seems pretty on top of things,” Woodward said.

Woodward also said strong procedures are already in place, but he does have a few goals for this position.

“One of the goals is to always meet and identify key people, and make sure that I am bringing the right people together to talk to,” Woodward said.

He said he also hopes to finalize some revisions after he met with the Campus Vice President.

“I am working at the Cosand Center so I’m not interacting with students on a day to day basis, so I rely on those people to help me make sure that happens,” Woodward said.

He said he also wants to make sure that he is hearing the student voices, and is creating a division wide look at student affairs as a whole. In addition to compliance, he said he is going to be looking at strategic planning as a whole.

“In addition to the compliance piece, I am going to be looking at strategic planning as a whole,” Woodward said. Woodward wants to be well informed of all acts that are a part of the campus, so that he can stay ahead. He said he wants to better the campus as a whole.

“If things are going well on one campus, why not look at ways to expand it, so it works for all students on all campuses,” Woodward said.


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