Racist graffiti found in library bathroom

Posted on 10 December 2015 by admin

Vandals still unidentified, exact slur kept under wraps

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On Nov. 12, students received an email from the office of Chancellor Jeff L. Pittman informing them of racist graffiti in the library restroom of Meramec’s campus.

“I regret to report that racist graffiti was recently discovered in the library restroom at the Meramec campus,” Pittman said in his email. “This is intolerable behavior and as a public institution of higher learning we simply cannot ignore such unsettling incidents.”

On November 23, Meramec’s administration held Soup and Substance: An Invitation for Conversation, where students shared thoughts about the campus climate.

“I know what it [the graffiti] said, but I don’t know who the students are,” Vice President for Student Affairs Kim Fitzgerald said.

According to Fitzgerlad, although racist, the graffiti was not threatening.

“There’s a list of sanctions depending on the circumstances and depending on the violation,” Fitzgerald said. “I think if we’re talking in general, if there is damage done to any property I think we would talk with the student, we would assess the damage that was done. We would have to look into replacement, or cleaning or repair and then we would make the sanction appropriate to the offense.”

Some of the sanctions include Censure, Disciplinary Probation, Restitution, Compensatory Service, Suspension and Dismissal.

Students under sanction for one campus are under sanction for all campuses.

Students may appeal decisions within 10 days after the committee’s written decision. Appeals are submitted in writing to the campus president.

Since this incident there has been more reported vandalism, said Fitzgerald.

“Since that incident, more people have been reporting things and they have been around for a long time, but I think people are bringing those things to our attention,” Fitzgerald said.

If someone witnesses graffiti and doesn’t report it, then they’re just as guilty, Fitzgerald said.

The investigation for this particular occurrence remained open as of Dec. 8, 2015.


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