Q&A with Myrtle Dorsey

Posted on 04 May 2011 by admin

The New Chancellor for STLCC, Myrtle Dorsey, Ph.D., answers questions about her experience and plans.

Chancellor Myrtle Dorsey

Kurt Oberreither
– Staff Writer –


What have you learned as chancellor at BRCC that you can apply to your position here at STLCC?

At BRCC I gained invaluable experience in the working to start a school, building a campus from the ground up, confronting major challenges such as budget obstacles, and dealing with emergencies such as Hurricane Katrina.  Those experiences have reaffirmed my conviction that it is crucial to bring the entire campus together – students, faculty, and staff – to work as a team.

Where do you see the college (STLCC) going in the next couple years?

As STLCC’s new chancellor, I am succeeding an outstanding, nationally-recognized leader whom I respect.   We will continue to focus on the nation’s completion agenda for all community colleges, which I know STLCC already has as one of their top priorities.

Which aspect of student life do you think can be improved upon?

There is always the opportunity to get more students involved in the great programs and services that are offered on our campuses.  Once I arrive, I plan to review our programs and talk to students, faculty, and staff before making any determinations.

Faculty and Staff?

I first want to simply hear from them…to just listen and get to know everyone.  My eventual goal will be to see how we can better equip them to do the vital work they do each and every day.

As chancellor, how do you plan to improve transparency at STLCC?

I am first looking forward to getting to know everyone at STLCC and becoming more familiar with its policies and procedures.

What is your biggest goal during your time at our college?

My goal is to advance and strengthen STLCC’s participation in the broader mission of all community colleges:  to provide access to all who desire to further their education.

How do you balance your family life with your professional one?

I have made a concerted effort to ensure balance between my personal and professional life.  The demands of my responsibilities mean that I am not always successful, but it is a work in progress.

Are you looking forward to living in St. Louis?

I am very excited about both my new position and my new city.  I’m looking forward to moving to St. Louis.

What is your favorite thing about being chancellor?

I love graduation.  It is a celebration of the accomplishments of our students as well as the excellent faculty and staff who have supported them.


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