Meramec hosts Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Posted on 08 October 2014 by admin

Campus offers educational materials to bring awareness to the cause

breast cancerAccording to, Breast Cancer Awareness month is “an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease.”

People do not get checked for breast cancer as much as they should, according to the website. Breast cancer is a group of cells that form in the breast and are called malignant tumors, and is the “second leading cause of death in women.”

According to the website, men can be diagnosed with breast cancer as well with a yearly average of 2,190 diagnoses.

Men and women are born with cells that can turn into cancer cells.

There is not a known cure for the disease, but according to the website, doctors are able to pinpoint risk factors that can help catch it.

Types of tumors are categorized by “the size, type of cells and the characteristics that fuel its growth.”

According to the website, people need to know the anatomy of their body to better understand the cancer.

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